Bobby Jindal’s volcano erupted

The one he was criticizing the monitoring of? Just erupted in the last day or so. A friend writes:

Erupted 4 times overnight. Nobody’s dead. The FAA and the National Weather Service know where the ash cloud is (drifting away, not toward, Anchorage, thank God) and planes are being diverted around it. Gee, it’s a good thing people were monitoring.

The eruption was accurately predicted when the number of earthquakes on the mountain suddenly jumped to 40 to 50 per hour Sunday morning. So everybody had time to get ready.

Your tax dollars put to work by dedicated scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey who keep doing their jobs even when politicians decide to demean their work for a cheap sound bite.

If we were approaching this from a less scientific perspective, some might be tempted to appease the volcano gods by throwing somebody into the crater. Since he doesn’t like volcano monitoring, perhaps Bobby Jindal would volunteer?

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