Anglican leader calls gay marriage ‘a holocaust,’ says the ‘crime’ should be punishable by five years in prison

Well, if he can throw the word “holocaust” around, then I guess I’m permitted to ask how long the Anglican church will continue to tolerate, aid, and abet a nazi in the upper echelons of its leadership? This entire “save the church” fiasco has gone far enough. Angry, bigoted religious right elements have been trying to divide the Anglican Communion for years. The solution the progressive wing of the church came up with? Cave. (You’ll be familiar with the logic: If we just give them what they want, maybe they’ll be nice to us next time.) One of the leaders of the faction is a nutjob from Nigeria who, for reasons unfathomable to any real Christian, the progressive wing of the Anglican church feels the need to constantly coddle. The nutjob is currently pushing a law in his country that would throw married gay couples in jail for five years. Here’s an excerpt from the bigot’s letter supporting the legislation, on church stationery:

At some point, the leadership of the normal wing of the Anglican church had better wake up and realize that by appeasing evil, and bigotry, and hate, they are no better. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, he didn’t say to stand idly, repeatedly giving your blessing to the evil in your midst. The leaders of the progressive wing of the Anglican church have enabled this nut from Nigeria, and now his hate and bigotry, his evil, is theirs. I hope it suits them. Episcopal Cafe has more:

Why does the Anglican Communion continue to attempt to accommodate a man who, by his own admission, has very little use for human rights, and who has yet to answer pressing questions about his knowledge of a well-planned massacre of some 660 Muslims?

Yes, why does it?

One of my favorite parts of the Anglican leader’s letter is the part where it sure sounds like one of the leaders of the Anglican church is in favor of outlawing Christian churches he doesn’t like – nice:

And here’s the end of the letter:

Christian or Satan? You decide.

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