AIG execs now crying “blackmail”

Fine. Shut the damned company down and let it go under. The more I listen to these people complain the more it becomes obvious they need to go completely under and restart. Quite frankly I don’t care what those in London or NY find offensive or not because the entire country finds them offensive. Let us know how “offensive” the unemployment line is and get back to us. If possible, please send to the NY Times for publication.

AIG Financial Products unit head Gerald Pasciucco told a staff meeting for UK and Paris employees on Monday that he thought a demand for repayments was to a certain extent “blackmail,” said a London-based recipient of one of the retention bonuses from the bailed-out insurer.

“The vast majority of people in London have made the decision that the request is pretty offensive,” the employee said. “It effectively constitutes blackmail whether it is criminal or not. There is no moral reason to give it back.”

A company spokesman, however, said American International Group had no concerns as to the legality of any repayments.

Morals? Are they really talking about morals at AIG? What next? A lecture on business ethics?

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