Rove: “We didn’t leak” (except to expose an undercover CIA agent for politcal payback)

Christy Hardin Smith caught this nugget from Karl Rove in the LA Times:

“Secrecy and confidentiality are necessary for every government, especially when you’re at war.”…

“I love how the last eight years, this White House, the Bush White House, was criticized for being tight-lipped. We didn’t leak.”

Ms. Hardin Smith takes exception and I couldn’t agree with her more:

I beg to differ.

And I’m guessing Valerie Plame Wilson and her family, the CIA and a whole host of assets around the world would as well. Jackass.

Rove’s speech was an assault on journalists, in which, as the Times noted, Rove “reiterated his belief that government leaks in the media can cause serious harm.” Huh?

Let’s review: Rove the jackass takes a whack at journalists for leaking, but it was the jackasses in the White House press corps who not only printed what Rove leaked to them, they all stayed silent when Bush repeatedly said no one on his staff leaked. Bush lied to the faces of the press corps, they knew he was lying, but they regurgitated his lies anyway.

Now, that same reporters and talking heads are obsessed with the subject of bipartisanship. It’s so much easier for them.

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