GOP Senator Dick Shelby and pedophilia

I’m sure they say Dick Shelby has never been arrested for pedophilia, but I haven’t seen any police records. You have to not be a pedophile to be a US Senator.

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  • WarmString

    If any like-minded patriots wish to join me in contacting Senator Shelby and demand convincing legal proof that there is no truth to the ugly rumors that he is a pedophile and still beats his wife, here is his contact info:

    Senator Shelby
    304 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Tel: (202) 224-5744

    Email: [email protected]

  • Lol. Normally genes contain four different nucleotides. A T G and C. But when studying the Bush family intelligence gene, scientists at first thought they had discovered a fifth nucloetide and called it O. However closer inspection revealed it to be a Zero.

  • I thought pedophilia was reserved for Popes, Cardinals and Priests…

  • magginkat

    Is this the same son who was cuaght in a mall parking lot having sex with an underage girl?

  • Guest

    Heh. Funny. You are right, this birth certificate crap is the whole “When did you stop beating your wife?” gotcha question. The only valid response by the president need give is, “Mu,” but since this is more of a sign of racism, I guess he and the rest of us have to actually answer it. Not so for Shelby’s possible pedophilia. I noticed a strong surge of racist anti-Obama emails lately from older people I know. A racist surge seems to be sweeping the nation.

  • TLV

    Yes- I certainly can!

  • TLV

    The one spelled M-O-R-O-N-I-C?

  • TLV

    John’s poking fun at the statements Shelby has made regarding Barack Obama’s birthplace. Shelby claims that because HE has not personally seen or held Obama’s birth certificate, then Obama may be not a citizen. Obama’s birth certificate has been posted online for a couple of years now. His birth announcements in the newspapers when he was born have been posted online for a couple of years as well. Shelby is simply too lazy to look.

  • Duane

    Well, so much for presumption of innocence. So now America is not free, not democratic, and you’re presumed guilty with no proof to back it up. Lovely.

  • ponchopardise

    Now that you mention it I don’t recall ever
    Seeing a statement from the
    Senator saying he wasn’t a pedophile.
    The question is if he has nothing to
    hide why wouldn’t he just come out and
    address these issues before they spiral
    out of control.

  • ShirleyGoodnessanMercy

    Shelby certainly has that “pedophile look.”

  • Sounds like George P. inherited the family intelligence gene.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    While we’re on the subject of Dick Shelby….

    Can someone look at his personal real estate company’s use of Katrina relief funds to enrich himself by using them to build taxpayer subsidized apartments in Tuscaloosa (WELL OUTSIDE ANY KATRINA DAMAGE ZONE).

  • Tom in Lazybrook


    You’d do better to look at Alabama AG Troy King (oops I mean Troy Queen) and his overpaid (by the taxpayers) boyfriend.

  • No idea what you’re even talking about. Usually comments are edited or deleted because the person is a GOP troll, or launching personal (or prejudiced) attacks.

  • I’m not saying he IS a pedophile. I’m just saying that I haven’t seen proof that he isn’t.

  • Ruthless Gravity

    Shelby is a pedophile?

  • Scottsdalian

    “For their trouble, they were harassed and threatened by roving groups of young men shouting racial epithets and pointing guns at them. The county sheriff said the young men would drive around the work teams waving Rebel flags and cursing the blacks.”

    Those black workers should say “fuck’em – let’em sit in the dark for a few more weeks…I don’t care. And those black workers should NOT care. And, if I were their bosses back in Penn. I’d also say fuck’em to those rednecks and pull ALL the workers back home – black AND white.

    Unfortunately those workers (both black and white) are probably earning lots of overtime $$$, which they can probably use.

  • Mark217

    I have seen John McCain’s birth certificate. McCain was born in the country of Panama. The U.S. Consitution says: “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President.” US Constitution, Article II, Section 1. I don’t think McCain is a “natural born citizem.” He is an American citizen, but is not native to the United States, but Panama I think this is why the McCain didn’t challenge Obama’s nativity. It could be argied that McCain has a huge constitutional obstacle in terms of his qualifications for president.

  • Garygw

    Wow. Disgusting.

  • cole3244

    alabama is nothing more then a third world country sucking more funds out of the treasury then it puts in. shelby is a redneck who could only get elected in a state where selling sheets is the manufacturing base.

  • mermaidart

    Wasn’t George P. the one who was stalking a woman? There was something like that about one of those Bushes. They’re all a bunch of asshats.

  • Scottsdalian

    John – you are exactly right. I also believe Shelby is a pedophile.

    Until I see police records that indicate otherwise.

  • pattyp

    I wonder if any of Shelby’s constituents are pedophiles. I mean, I’m pretty sure they’re not, but until they all produce legal certificates with the words “NOT A PEDOPHILE” then we can never be sure.

  • Isn’t that the standard Republican response when they get caught? It is always that others “heard them wrong” or a “non-apology apology.” “If you took the racist, gaycist, fascist comment I made wrong, then I’m sorry.”

  • I will second that! I know some of them personally.

  • The thing is, his comments weren’t distorted. They were quoted accurately. Shelby said that “I haven’t seen the birth certificate,” was a throwaway line. That’s simply laughable. He’s trying to weasel out of what he was clearly implying.

  • Republican racist county in Arkansas harasses african american men who came down to help them because of their ice storm.

    “Some 100 workers from Pennsylvania, about a third of them African Americans, came down to help the local electric cooperative restore power after the devastating ice storm last month took down just about every power pole in the county. They worked tirelessly clearing trees and putting up poles and lines in the ice and freezing rain to try to speed power to people.

    For their trouble, they were harassed and threatened by roving groups of young men shouting racial epithets and pointing guns at them. The county sheriff said the young men would drive around the work teams waving Rebel flags and cursing the blacks. ”

    I live about 40 miles from there, and things are THAT bad! Its heavily white, Republican, Talibangelical and they are just plain mean to anything they don’t understand, which is just about “everyone” that isn’t a fellow white Evangelical Republican with Bush stickers all over their vehicles.

  • triple7s

    The FACT is that MOST of Shelby’s constituents REALLY believe this shit. He is just NOT willing to correct them.

  • sittenpretty

    uh oh,another Bush that one of the NANNYs dropped on his poor wittle head

    Jeb Bush’s son chides Gov. Crist for seeking stimulus

    The Associated Press
    February 22, 2009

    ORLANDO – George P. Bush may not be ready to follow his father, grandfather and uncle into politics just yet, but he is trying to help the Republican Party regain a conservative message, which on Saturday included criticism of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

    Bush, the son of former Gov. Jeb Bush, grandson of former President George H.W. Bush and nephew of former President George W. Bush, addressed a national conference of young Republicans and told them there is a rift in the party between fiscal conservatives and what he calls “D light” — Republicans trying to appeal to the political middle.

    “There’s some in our party that want to assume that government is the answer to all of our problems,” Bush said. “I’m not going to name any names.”

  • middle girl

    Ben Smith has an update on his post. Shelby said comments were distorted and that he has not doubt about Obama’s citizenship

  • An_American_Karol


  • JS

    Jindal has brown skin, has anyone seen his birth certificate? after all he could be a hindu, we know he conducts exorcisms in his spare time. Has anyone seen Shelby’s birth certificate? Has anyone googled Alan keyes mental illness – you should.

  • Hell, no. I read that revisionist history comment from Shelby’s aide. It’s simply trading on the weasel words the Cullman Times did actually quote. “I haven’t seen the birth certificate” was a throwaway line? It was massaging the ignorance of his constituents! Revisit nothing, John. Shelby got caught red-handing trading on lies and ignorance.

  • An_American_Karol

    Shelby needs to explain reality to his constituents not pander to their fear and ignorance. Shelby knows this is bunk.
    If he explained how this has been debunked instead of feeding it, he would have more credibility with the more literate states, and those he represents wouldn’t be viewed as the dumbasses they appear to be.
    Note: The only respectful thing McCain did in his campaign was to tell the confused old woman at his rally Obama was not a Muslim. Shelby could learn from that.

  • Not sure that’s the case, but it seems odd that I rant on about soros and my posts stay on….. Anyway, Nicho is right, to some extent. It is John/Chris’s blog. Though the more I think about it, he was questioning Chris’s accumen for giving soro’s credibility?? Not sure though if feelings were hurt? who know’s?

    Though I do agree it’s very interesting that soros is saying these kinds of things at this time. Many others have been saying it before he was, hell even everyone’s love-fest for that jonny-come-late Roubini.

    We all know soro’s has his hands dirtied with the filthy derivatives market. That’s a fact and should not be tabled.

  • Gary

    Ben Smith issued an update/correction. You shoukd re-visit this post also.

  • Monitor_One

    Maybe regulars are given more leeway.

  • sittenpretty

    forgot to add,at a time when we are at War 2 for that matter,get the treasonous punk to apologize Mr.Prez

  • sittenpretty

    Isnt it treason to talk like that about our commander in chief?CALL FOR THE SARGENT AT ARMS …get the drummers and firing squad…..why does Shelby hate America?

  • bob915

    I reckon the folks trying to build and run gee dub’s emmeffer Pres Library will need toilet cleaners and floor polishers……….or is it toilet polishers and floor cleaners…………..?

  • bob915

    this sh*t surely makes you feel like doing just that, but we need to hammer away at the factual and retain our obviously higher moral standards……….

  • nicho

    1. Take a deep breath.

    2. Learn the difference between censorship and editing.

    If you are prevented from publishing your thoughts anywhere by the goverment, that is censorship.

    However, if a site owner of publisher decides what appears on his site or in his newspaper, that’s called editing. The fact that John allows people to post comments here does not give them some unconstrained right to do so. That’s John choice and he can publish what he chooses and delete what he chooses. That is not “censorship.”

    Wh0Cares is free to start his own blog and post all his opinions there. If the government comes and stop him from doing that, then you can start hyperventilating about “censorship.”

    Until then, John can choose what runs on AmericaBlog and, even though I may disagree with some of his choices, it’s not censorship.

  • We hardly need to stoop to that level. The REPUKES do enough shit to make them look bad. The thing we need to focus on is how the media get it’s out front and center, or how they don’t.

  • DCinDC

    I think it is time for some Democratic Web sites to form and start unfounded rumors on GOP politicians.

  • nicho

    Members of Bush Crime Family can’t find work

    The jobless rate is hanging high — for many of the roughly 3,000 political appointees who served President George W. Bush. Finding work has proved a far tougher task than those appointees expected.

    Only 25% to 30% of ex-Bush officials seeking full-time jobs have succeeded, estimated Eric Vautour, a Washington recruiter at Russell Reynolds Associates Inc. That “is much, much worse” than when Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton left the White House, he said. At least half those presidents’ senior staffers landed employment within a month after the administration ended, Mr. Vautour recalled.

    Trying to find some sympathy for them — oh yeah, it’s in the dictionary — right after shit and suicide.

    Although — A Dallas store did print an open letter offering Bush a job as a greeter. Let’s just hope they don’t drug test.

  • John,

    I just saw this site censoring a blogger’s comments about the credibility on georoge soros. I have posted numerous accounts on the veracity and questioned soros complicity in the derivatives market. soros is no friend of the progressive movment and he plays on both sides of fence. My post have never been removed on this topic?? So now why remove Wh0Cares’ post??

    Wh0Cares wrote, in response to High Crimes & Misdemeanors:

    Can you believe this site censored my comment?

    Link to comment:

  • J. Warren

    Has anyone seen Shelby’s birth certificate? He looks like he was born in the underworld. I demand to see Shelby’s birth certificate.

  • nicho

    How sad for the GOP. It’s become just a clown car in the American political circus. Your party is pretty wretched when your most credible and sensible person is the cartoon character who is governor of California.

    And Obama wants to reach out to these people and put these pathetic losers in his cabinet!

  • Older_Wiser

    There’s no proof Shelby’s parents weren’t very close kin, either. At least we know Obama’s parents weren’t related in any way…

  • RobertSanDimas

    Hmmmmm… my congressman is closeted. This gives me ideas. He hasn’t been supportive of same sex rights, either. Slap me down!

  • Steve_in_CNJ

    another limbaugh stooge. the whole party is driving off a cliff in an SUV caravan. limbaugh is riding in the stretch humvee.

  • Apphouse50

    I’m quite sure he denies having beaten his wife and kicked his dog, too. Don’t they all?

  • HereinDC

    I haven’t seen any police records either, but what do I know.
    I’m sure Hoover FBI must have looked into though….just sayin’

    “Shelby, drink your juice.”

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