AMERICAblog’s Joe Sudbay has been credentialed to attend Obama’s press conference at the White House tonight

I hear he’s going to ask about boxers vs. briefs.

Seriously, it should be interesting. I think Joe was a bit surprised to receive the credentials (he requested them this weekend). The first blogger to ever be credentialed at a White House press conference was our friend Garrett Graff, in 2005 (CORRECTION, and NSFW link: Garrett was the first blogger not working as a male hooker (as far as we know), though a lot of the WH press corps… oh never mind.) But Joe might be the first blogger of this administration, depending on who else was credentialed for tonight. In any case, on the chance that President Obama is intrigued by the notion of a blogger sitting in the East Room, and calls on Joe, feel free to suggest your questions for Joe to pose to Obama in the comments to this post.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Our favorite MW Jeff Gannon did not start blogging until after his 15 minutes were long since over.

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