Citibank CEO graciously forgoes 2008 bonus

What a great human being. So thoughtful and considerate because who would have been upset with the CEO of a bank that is bleeding billions and requiring billions of federal dollars, asked for a multi-million dollar bonus? It wouldn’t be fair to hold an executive accountable for their failures because then they might pack up their golden parachute and drop in elsewhere. Then what would happen? We should be thankful that we have such an understanding executive in the corner office of such a large bank.

Key Citigroup executives, including CEO Vikram Pandit, declined incentive or retention awards in stock or cash, a Securities and Exchange Commission filing showed Wednesday.

Other members of Citigroup’s executive committee received stock awards that vest if the price of common stock meets specified price targets during the next four years. Half of each award has a price target ot $17.85 and half has a price target of $10.61, the document showed.

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