ABC News runs Mormon puff piece

Did anybody else catch the ridiculously yellow Mormon puff piece that ABC News ran last night? One of the saddest excuses for journalism ever. ABC was invited by the Mormons to come visit, without a camera, some new small temple they built in some town in Utah. Yes, are you getting the “news” angle of the story – come visit a small church in the middle of nowhere, and don’t bring a camera – stop the presses! So ABC’s Dan Harris dutifully showed up and did a broadcast parroting the Mormon’s own talking points about how they were just a bit player in Prop 8 in California (they provided half the funding and actually turned it around from a loss to a victory, but who’s counting). And for all you Jews, you’re gonna love this one – the Mormons, ABC informs us, offer everyone the choice of converting to Mormonism on death. Yes, that “choice,” ABC failed to mention, is one of the biggest controversies surrounding the Mormon church for over a decade. They don’t let you choose to convert, they forcibly convert you against your will, and have specifically been targeting dead Jewish Holocaust victims for forced conversion – and, even better, they promised to stop converting dead Holocaust victims to Mormonism, and then secretly kept doing it. ABC didn’t bother mentioning any of this. All they did was parrot the Mormon line. And show us video of a new Mormon temple in the middle of nowhere. Now that’s news.

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