NH Medicare recipients’ privacy violated

Good thing the Democrats don’t care about privacy as an issue. I mean, it doesn’t really affect any of us.

Well okay, sure, it affects the entire abortion debate but that only concerns every man and woman in the country who have sex, or who buy condoms, or who care what happens if a woman gets raped. And it’s not like “choice” is any kind of defining issue, or dare we say “litmus test,” for Democrats.

And sure it affects the debate over gay civil rights, but that’s only somewhere between ten million and sixty million Americans, a core constituency of the Democratic party.

And yeah I suppose it underlies the entire national debate over domestic spying and the larger war on terror and its implications on our civil rights at home, but it’s not like the Bill of Rights is much of a winning political issue. The Constitution is so 1776.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the fact that privacy is an issue that every American can rally around, Democrat and Republican, so it’s basically a freebie for any politician wanting to use the issue to seem non-partisan and above the fray – but I mean, it’s not like voters want change.

So, yes, I can see why Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and even the Obama administration, haven’t talked much about privacy. I mean, why focus on an issue that pops up in the news ever single week, endangers us all, helps core Democratic constituencies and values, and is a political no-brainer that will win you kudos from Democratic and Republican voters?

From the Union Leader:

About 9,300 Medicare recipients are being urged to take steps to protect their credit and bank accounts after the state Department of Health and Human Services inadvertently released their Social Security numbers earlier this month.

Associate HHS Commissioner Nancy Rollins said the agency accidentally attached the information in a Dec. 1 email to 61 health providers. Recipients included nursing homes, home health care agencies and Service Link offices that help seniors choose their Medicare Part D plans each year.

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