Last-minute Bush administration rule would let pharmacists and doctors turn you away for any “religious” reason, like if they don’t like gays

For example, under the new proposed Bush rule, it seems that pharmacists could refuse to help you if you come asking for:

1. Condoms
2. Birth control
3. Anything they find morally objectionable (Does that mean only “innocent victims” of HIV/AIDS will be able to get their medicine? And what about Viagra?)

What happens if my pharmacist is a Christian Scientist – does that mean they don’t have to dispense any medicine at all? And what if my pharmacists is a Baptist and thinks Catholics worship Satan – does he have to help Satan worshippers? According to Congresswoman DeGette’s office (D-CO), the new rule could permit a receptionist to refuse to make an appointment that she finds immoral, it could permit a lab technician to not run tests, or even clean equipment, for procedures that he finds immoral.

Bush is doing this for the nutjobs on the religious right, and the far-right Republicans running the Catholic church. They don’t care if you’re rushed to the emergency room and the doctor on call refuses to help you because you’re gay or because you’re Muslim or because you’re Jewish. They only care about perpetuating hate. More on this from Cong. DeGette.

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