Um, what exactly did McCain just mean on SNL?

UPDATE: Reader Jack writes about the opening skit on SNL that McCain just did. I just watched it again, Jack is correct about the words that were used. You decide what McCain was referring to:

The final joke mccain made was a reference to the C word

swear to god!

paraphrased McCain:

“So when you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember, COUNTRY first. As a reminder, all undergarments are non refundable. And LIVE FROM NEW YORK…”

Did that just happen??!!!!

wow. Am I missing something?


Country First leads McCain to think about undergarments.

McCain isn’t looking presidential. I’m just not sure I want my potential future president doing comedy skits three days before the election. I love SNL, but it’s one thing appearing on Letterman, and quite another doing funny “skits” like you’re on the Lucy Show. I know Joe had a similar reaction watching Palin on here a few weeks ago. Something just doesn’t feel presidential about all of this. Your thoughts?

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