Time to boycott Utah, and Marriott?

Reader Dave writes

I’m appalled that Proposition 8 passed, and did so largely because of the out-of-state dollars dumped into California by the Mormon church. We need to do something in response to this. I propose organizing a boycott of the state of Utah, not unlike the boycott of Colorado in the early 1990s. There need to be repercussions for the actions of the LDS church. Thoughts?


In the 90s, we had some real boycotts of states that chose hate over tolerance, and it hurt. Bad. We targeted tourism and conventions, particularly. And it worked. Perhaps we need to revisit this tactic. A lot of people visit Marriotts, and have an easy choice to go elsewhere. And there’s great skiing in Colorado too. What are Utah’s top industries, top money makers, top companies? What business are connected to the Mormon Church besides Marriott? Who were the top donors to the hate amendment in California? Any big companies? Any donors associated with big name-brand companies? Perhaps it’s time to make Utah, Marriott, and the Mormon Church the Cracker Barrel of 2009.

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201 Responses to “Time to boycott Utah, and Marriott?”

  1. Sethchristensen says:

    Sure boycott Utah. We don’t want you here anyway :)

  2. steven says:

    Boycott Utah and Marritot. Those in Utah who say that the mormons are a small percentage, should help to push them out of the state. If you are going to host such evil religious fanatics you have to deal with the consequences. Mormons are the height of hypocrites and homophobics. They are no different than the Catholics during the inquisition. Which incendently with the popes recent message shows that these people (Catholics and Mormons) are hate mongers. If they are allowed any amount of political control they would commit all types of atrocities in the name of “God”. Apart of the old addage “when you mix religion and politics you get fanatics”, look at the militant Muslims, Iran, etc. Their treatment of women, gays, etc. We do not want to go back to the dark ages. These religious fanatics need to be taught a lesson NOW. Do not mess with our private lives. If you want to beat each other with your mad rituals fine, but leave us decent clear headed folk out of it. Boycott Utah now, let the rest know that if you support these people you will be isolated.

  3. Travis says:

    You know what this conversation reminds me of – South Africa. Yes, I am old enough that I was around then. At the time the boycotts started against South Africa, there were those who opposed stating that “you are just hurting black Africans if you boycott the entire country.” There was some truth in that statement and for a while it was so. But, the boycott gained steam and many companies started divesting in South Africa. In the end, the boycott brought the South African government to its knees and apartheid ended. Apartheid would not have ended without the boycott. I am suggesting the same drastic action needs to happen to Utah.

  4. anon says:

    Bigotry begets bigotry I guess.

  5. Warpy says:

    The people who actually desperately need the money that the Utah ski season brings in are, independently owned shops which are largely non-mormon in the areas of highest tourism money (as iterated in multiple comments below), and migrant workers. In order to run the ski resorts a large number of workers come to Utah for the season. This is a major source of income for these people who would otherwise be out of the job. The first people to be cut away when tough times hit would be the migrant workers. The mormon church would be hurt but at what cost?

    If you want to punish those you feel are responsible, find vocal supporters of Prop 8, from within the church and boycott their businesses, of course this would also cause job loss for innocent people in the scandal.

    Innocent people’s quality are not sacrifices that should be made in order to make an inane protest, that won’t do that much anyway, work.

    If you want to bring about change, raise money and bring the measure to the ballot again. Try and change minds the gold old fashioned way, through talking and spending copious amounts of cash. Maybe even as much as the proponents of the measure are spending.

  6. Metal Face says:

    I know, boycott California! A majority of their population voted in favor of a hateful bigoted measure to strip away gay rights! The only way we can punish the ignorant is to strike at the cause! The ultimate blame has to lie on the voters! Stupid ignorant voters! Boycott them! It’s time to teach California a lesson!

  7. Mike Walton says:

    A better Idea than boycotting Utah would be to host a million gay march here in Salt Lake City. And while here support the progressive gay friendly and gay owned businesses that are hurting in a tough economy. How committed are you to the cause? Boycotting Utah would be easy, actually comming here to fight for gay rights would be much more difficult and much more effective. If we can win gay rights in Utah we can win them anywhere.

  8. Steve G. says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of a Utah boycott. The Mormon church has a state of its own to lord over, they needn’t concern themselves with the in-state politics of California. While I personally do not hold the residents of Utah more culpable than the voters of California, I do find the cash given to the yes on 8 proponents by the Mormon church unconscionable. If the people of Utah or followers of the LDS, resent the stereotypes and unkind attention, perhaps they should rethink their involvement in hate based, intolerant , outdated propositions, FROM OTHER STATES. After all, when I think of the sanctity of marriage, and the union of man, and ONE woman, I immediately think of UTAH.

  9. BT says:

    Yes, that’s right. 62% of Utah’s population live off of state funds. That’s wrong both on a factual and a contextual level. If the other 48% were having to support all the Mormons through our tax dollars, there wouldn’t be any non-mormons in this state. Judging from what I’ve seen by working in the food pantries, most of the state beneficiaries are actually non-mormon. That’s because Mormons go to their church first for social support services. In fact, social services run by the state government are pretty limited because they’d be superfluous compared to what the LDS church offers (they have food, jobs, and training programs).

    As mentioned elsewhere, mormons are driven more by fear, not hate. They fear that somehow permitting what they view as against scripture (homosexuality) to obtain an union (marriage) which is equal in status to their own will somehow diminish the value or credibility of their own marriages – not on an individual level, but in terms of the greater perception. That’s an important point, because the sanctity and permanent continuation of marriages and families is a big selling point for the Mormons when they’re out recruiting people.

    Your post overall indicates a complete lack of understanding of the fundamentals involved, and and unwillingness to use reason objectively. You fall back on the same ‘us vs. them’ mentality used to convince California voters to pass prop 8 in the first place. Your proposed solutions are nothing but useless, fruitless, and uncoordinated retribution.

  10. Ashley says:

    This is absurd. I am from Park City, Utah and I sick of being lumped in with the Mormon Church. Do you really think Mormons will give a flying fuck if homosexuals stopped visiting Utah? Be logical for Christ sake. Let me tell you what would actually happen if this ludicrous idea actually gained popularity: all those mom-and-pop stores that rely on tourism would likely go out of business, and the majority of those owners (especially the ones in Park City) are not Mormon.

    Most importantly, you’re stereotyping an entire state. When my high school (in UTAH) conducted a survey my senior year about who was for or against gay marriage, do you know what the outcome was? Over 80% voted in favor of the measure. By now, all those kids are of voting age. This is so hypocritical it baffles the mind. And, hello, California is the one who voted the measure down, not Utah. Who the fuck cares who funded the measure? Stop pointing fingers at Utah for California’s mistake. Be pissed at your own closed minded people, and stop trying to hurt the uninvolved.

  11. BT says:

    I must respectfully disagree on a number of counts.

    In your logic, you assume that putting pressure on Mormon owned or linked businesses will in turn pressure the church to change it’s stance. The fundamental fact that you are missing is that decisions flow from the top of the church down, and not the other way around. By in large, Mormons will do whatever the president of the church, his councellors, and other high officers tell them to do – in that order. I’m not trying to make a blanket statement about church doctrine, I’m just telling you what I, a non-Mormon living in Utah for the last 7 years, have observed.

    If the president of the church gets up at the bi-annual conference and says “We should wear blue shirts”, blue shirt sales in Utah immediately would go through the roof. In my experience, you cannot harass, lobby, or berate Mormon owned or run businesses and expect a change from the church. If you picket outside of a Marriott hotel and demand that they wear red shirts instead of blue, then you’ll get nowhere. If you talk to J.W. Marriott Jr. himself, and as an act of social disobedience, stuff his limo to the roof with red shirts, nothing will happen with the church, because when it comes to religious matters, Mr. Marriott takes his direction FROM the church, and does not give it.

    Secondly, there is a fundamental flaw in assuming that boycotting the tourist spots and ski destinations will effect some kind of damage to the church. This is soundly wrong, purely on the basis of demographics. Most of the people who own, develop, run and staff the ski resorts are non-Mormons. The biggest financial impact of a boycott will be those few people in this state that are most likely to agree that prop 8 is a bad deal. There is a reason Park City is considered an island of sanity in a sea of 1950’s era conservatism.

    Lastly, and this is just my opinion, this looks an awful lot like the same misplaced fear and resentment that leads people to vote for prop 8, just turned the other way around. Either there has been a gross misjudgment in effect of such an action, or the the intent is nothing more than indiscriminant retribution and hate mongering. I suggest everyone considering partaking in this boycott examine their motives, because if it’s the latter, then you’re not any better of a person than someone who voted for prop 8.

    On the other hand, if y’all stay home, that leaves Honeycomb Canyon all the more empty for me.

  12. daisytagger says:

    I am also shocked that prop 8 passed. It is important to remember that CALIFORNIA voted yes on prop 8, NOT UTAH. Most importantly: not everyone in Utah is Mormon! This idea is as bigoted as those who voted yes on 8. It would be better to visibly and loudly protest Mormon investment in “yes on 8” on the church’s doorstep with a million gay march DURING Sundance than to boycott it.

  13. Ryan says:

    My simple research shows the funding was fair, at least it was equal see: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-moneymap,0,2198220.htmlstory. Also, out of state funding was about equal. Are you sure your attacks on Utah and Mormons are fair? Does funding really change peoples votes? Your argument begs the question that if the no on 8 campaign could have just raised more money than they would have won. Or on the other hand if the yes on 8 campaign had less money they would have lost. Is this true? It also makes Californians look stupid, like whoever can whisper in their ear the most will get their vote. If you really want to change things you must work on what people believe not promote hate and discrimination yourself. To me it looks like 52% of Californians think that marriage should be defined as only between one man and one woman.

  14. Mana says:

    Because gays and lebians ski and go to Sundance every year that this is going to have that much of an impact on our economy? That’s ignorance if I ever did hear it. Also I thought gays and lesbians prided themselves on tolerance…does this seem like tolerance to anyone else? Don’t mistake tolerance for acceptance either because they are two very different words and if you don’t believe it look it up in any dictonary. Seriously, of all the stupidity–Gays and Lesbians!!!

  15. Mana says:

    Being gay makes no sense. Gays are not tolerant, they’ve proved it time and time again. This very cry for a boycott is proof of that, among many other things. The whole fact that gays and lesbians are void of thought ought to cry out that it’s a mental disease. Mental retards who obviously can’t think save to pitch a fit and try to get what they want doing it all the wrong way. Everything about gays and lesbians is wrong!

  16. Mana says:

    Boycott gays from the state??? Wonderful!!! I love it, Utah a gay and lesbian free state…Oh PLEASE DO!!!

  17. Dan Savaged says:

    You’re a fucking retard. You are discriminating against Utahns because of how some of them spent their money, and it was California voters that passed the stupid Prop 8. Fighting discrimination with discrimination? You’re been a vengeful little brat instead of doing anything constructive to reverse prop 8. Pull your head out of your ass.

  18. Dick Bender says:

    Retribution is not an effective way to change minds. Do you want Mormons to change their minds about sending money to California so Californians change their minds about voting against Gay Rights? This is not the way to do it. As a non-mormon Utahn, I can tell you that the boycott tactis are just strengthening their resolve.

    You also don’t understand the Mormon motivation: It’s not hate, it’s fear. They are afraid Gay Marriage will defile their sacred institution. I don’t agree, but you won’t change their minds by fighting their fear with hate.

  19. neoman2445 says:

    It is easy, 62% of Utah mormons, those people live off the state. Punish the state punish those that attacked gay families in California. Those Mormons financed the attacks on California through jobs they have in Utah, those jobs are created by Taxes, and skiing, Sundance, etc all bring revenue for the state. How many state and local employees are Mormons, they get paid with taxes. How many businesses live off those people.. These are hate driven people. They are the hight of hypocrites, anyone that knows anything about Mormons knows that. Boycott Utah and anyone that goes there!
    Don´t buy that we would punish people who believe otherwise, as they say “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”. If the people of Utah will tolerate their tax dollars to finance hate attacks in other states, they deserve everything. The people of Utah have the solution in their hands, move the Mormons out!

  20. vertigoinLA says:

    Hey Spencerj, I’m trying to compose a list of businesses in Park City and Salt Lake City that are owned by Mormons. I’m proposing a ban on these businesses during the Sundance Film Festival 2009. It is NOT my opinion to ban Utah or the film festival itself, clearly there are many supporters of equal rights and “NO on Prop 8” that live in Utah that could be hurt by such a ban. However, I think it would send a message to SUPPORTERS of Prop 8 to not eat at their restaurants, shop at their stores, etc while attending the Sundance Film Festival this year. Any help in this is appreciated.

  21. TPierce says:

    Something touched the Mormon church:

    They are shocked and surprised
    that people are angry at the church’s meddling as a body politic. And they obviously feel that it was the Church that spoke, not its members.

  22. TPierce says:


  23. spencerj says:

    I live in Utah, and selective target boycotting would be the best way to approach this. In other words, companies like NORDSTROM, OLD NAVY etc who are set to lease retail properties owned by the LDS church ( who by the way is in currently contructing the largest retail center in the state) need to be put on notice, that their establishments will fall under selective boycotting for renting property from this organization. Additonally the church owns or supports many buisnesses in the state, such as Zions Bank Corporation. A listing of all these businesses etc, needs to somehow be brought to everyone’s attention, such as THE UTAH BLACK BOOK OF DO NOT SUPPORT BUSINESSES. this could include church owned businesses, those businesses leasing property from the LDS church, those businesses with so called LDS prophets on their board of directors, those buisness that the church supports wholeheartedly etc.

  24. TPierce says:

    No one is going to revoke a major church’s tax exempt status in this country. I used to work for a tax revolt based on this very issue, and it is entrenched in American legal practice. Whether we like it or no, the LDS’s have a legitimate church by American law, and they will never lose their exempt status until all religious institutions lose their exempt status.

  25. TPierce says:

    What about Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas? The first two voted down gay marriage, and the third forbade gays to adopt. Surely some attention should be paid, particularly to the adoption matter.

  26. stonewall69 says:

    Push to have their tax exempt status revoked, too. If you do it against the LDS Chruch first, the black churches can’t complain discrimination.

  27. stonewall69 says:

    Boycotting the State of Utah is wrong. There are many Mormons and ex-Mormoms in Utah who are sympathetic to our situation. The Church understands power and money. So do we. There are allegations that the Church funneled funds through shell corporations and business deals to sympathetic members who then made large contributions in their names. The best and most immediate means to make our voices heard is to push for the revocation of the Tax Exempt status of the LDS Church. http://www.mormonsstoleourrights.com/ has some very good information and copies of the documents that may be filed with the IRS by any citizen. These claims must be investigated by Federal Law. We have lawyers, too. We should begin individual and group filings immediately as well as filing lawsuits directly against out of state groups that sent money into California and individuals out of state who sent money into the state for the purpose of influenting an election., This is a civil issue, not a moral one. It’s time to let the lawsuits and complaints fly. We DO have rights and we DO have the right to have the activities of this Church to be investigated. There is clearly an inordianately large push from this Church, over others, to insert itself in the outcome of Propostion 8.

    We must, as we move forward, learn to use “full court press” methods. Boycots are partially effective for specific issues. We must take a lesson from this very crafty Church and learn to consolidate our power and money. We are fighting for our rights as human beings.

  28. biggemike says:

    The Mormon church has it’s skeletons in the closet too. I read about a christian settlement in Utah that was supposedly massacred by mormons in the 1800’s. Acadamecians were uncovering the site when the governor intervened……..he ordered the site closed down……out of respect for the dead. The dead still demand the respect and the state is under control of a big business, a tax exempt business. Also is everyone aware that religious people, ministers, preachers, etc, are exempt from social security taxes?

  29. Durgsters says:

    There are problems with boycotting Utah. The Church did not give any money for Prop 8. The Mormon PEOPLE came up with tens of millions of dollars. They give 10% of their income (the “tithe”) to the Church to build the Kingdom of God. The first Sunday of each month, they fast for 24 hours and give the savings for the relief of the needy. Most men give 2 years, at age 19, to serve as missionaries, working six and a half days a week with no holidays or vacations. For the privilege, they reimburse the Church $10,000 for the mission expenses. They work as teeenagers at summer and part time jobs to earn the money. From childhood, they are taught the history of the Mormon people. They know that their ancestors, because of their religion, suffered persecution including murder. They know that 6,000 died in the exodus on the Mormon Trail to Utah. They have read their ancestors’ journals about amputating with scissors their childrens’ frostbitten toes on the plains. They know of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Most importantly, they know that this life on Earth is a mortal probation, where they are given the opportunity to prove their faith in God, that they might return to live in eternity with Him. You don’t know the Mormons. But then, few do. Tell me, I want to know, do you think your boycott will touch the Mormon people? James D. McMichael, Washington, DC, [email protected]

  30. Kowboy says:

    Yes, I agree. Million gay march on Washington during the inauguration. Great idea.

  31. ups1 says:

    While targeting the Mormon church and others who supported prop 8 is a good start I think it is time to take this to a national level. We have all sat back and watched our rights taken away from us for far to long. This effects everyone in the gay community not just those in CA. How about a march on Washington? We heard plenty about an “October Surprise” during the presidential campaign how about a “January Surprise”? What better time to remind our newly elected officials that we HAVE A DREAM too than on inauguration day? The eyes of the entire world will be on Washington on that day and I think it would be a great time to have our voices heard and let those in power know that we will no longer sit quietly in the back of the bus and be treated as 2nd class citizens.


  32. alliebeauballie says:

    PLEASE boycott the church, mormon and church-owned business, but PLEASE don’t boycott Utah. There are many of us here that are not sitting idly by, we are protesting, we are loving our gay community, and we are tolerant. Boycotting the entire state is just proliferating hate, and isn’t that what this is all about?? Remember Japanese internment camps? How would that be different? Punishing the rest of us for living here? Makes no sense.

  33. kevin45 says:

    Boycott California, not Utah. Most of the Mormon money for Prop. 8 came from Mormons living in California. Boycott black-owned businesses in California.

  34. Kowboy says:

    White married people and Latinos were also big supporters. How do we boycott everyone who isn’t gay?

  35. Ingmar53 says:

    I’m all for targeted boycotts Re: Prop 8, and I think Utah should be one of the targets. Gay people and our supporters need to better tap the power of our dollars to show there is a price to be paid for such hateful actions. But I think the boycott needs to have other related visible actions–like showing up en masse to encircle the mother church in Salt Lake City–especially if we can devise ways to do it while putting as little as possible into the local economy–and making that part of the publicity.

    The other challenge is how to put pressure–and apply some shame–to the Black churches in California that were the other chief culprits in passing Prop 8. Any ideas there?

  36. Kowboy says:

    We need to get some real problems people…we live in the greatest country in the world at the best time in the history of the world. But instead of embracing all that we have we whine and whine and whine about what we don’t. That’s the real disgrace of our society….

    Go ahead and protest against Utah if you want. But I guarantee that for every one of you that says you won’t go to Utah it opens opportunities for others like me and my family who now will.

  37. wildtree74 says:

    This boycott idea is stupid, they don’t work. The problem with people is they get all worked up and given time they go back to what ever they do eventually this too will fade. The bottom line is the gay community got there buts kicked in organization, passion, funding, and numbers. Now it’s time to point fingers, scream, kick and blame just like a bunch of children. If you want change, take a lesson from President elect Obama, use your smarts, debate the issue with respect and clear understanding who you are up against.

  38. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    My apologies … I meant, by what I said, that they own a large chunk of the stock.

  39. beaumec39 says:

    Utah is a beautiful place.
    The reason to boycott the Utah State Parks is… the the parks are owned by the state of Utah, which is owned by the moron church, simply by the majority of the state people are lds. The church starts being hurt by people’s income going down, means that their ‘tithing’ goes down.
    The lds church is like a bill collecter, if you are late in your tithing they will ‘remind’ you….like a bill collector.

  40. beaumec39 says:

    Handstands.com is a Utah company
    when one goes to their website and see one of the founders is from SLC and had 8, yes 8 children that tells you he’s one of the conservative type mormon.
    I threw out that company’s products…

    And I let them know.

  41. wmforr says:

    How can anyone get through a graduate degree without caffeine? Sounds nigh on impossible to me.

  42. wmforr says:

    spurn = spur

  43. wmforr says:

    Any boycott will, of needs be, negatively affect innocent parties. Boycotting companies that invested in Apartheid South Africa certainly “punished” employees of those companies who were not racist.

    And isn’t that part of the purpose? Perhaps a boycott on Utah will spurn the good citizens of Utah to reign in the Mormon Church and its illegal political activities. They have the power to remove its power.

  44. wmforr says:

    I’m all with you, and for a different reason. The supplement industry is politically powerful and has fought regulation and inspection tooth and nail.

    In 1989, my life partner and over 5,000 other Americans were poisoned by contaminated L-tryptophan labeled “natural” and produced in Japan by genetically altered bacteria. Since supplements lie in a middle area, neither food nor drug, this outrage was allowed to happen and can–nay WILL happen again, likely soon, considering all our uninspected imports from China.

    Joe has suffered for 19 years from Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), the disease caused by the tainted LT, which produces severe, painful cramps and tremors throughout the body and a multitude of other symptoms.

    But why would the Mormons care if their products cause untold suffering. They are followers of Jesus.

  45. CodpieceWatch says:

    Obviously not everyone that lives in Utah is a Mormon. A lot of us sent money to fight the church’s involvement in Prop 8, and did what we could to convince them to stop their involvement.

    George Bush is from Texas, and just look what he’s done. How come an 8 year boycott of that state wasn’t organized?

  46. meegs says:

    As a lifelong Utahan, I am appalled at what other Utahans and people who think they are Christians have done to citizens of other states. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out assistance was give to the Arizona and Florida propositions too.

    I’m all for the boycott; in fact, I’ll lead it from within the state.

  47. AllesK says:

    OK folks: Thanks to slog & the San Francisco Chronicle, let’s start here: http://www.sfgate.com/webdb/prop8/ It’s an online db where you can check donors. Let’s make it hurt like a heartache.
    Best y’all

  48. beaumec39 says:

    I lived and worked in SLC a few years ago, workign for THE big market research company, and from store people and boss (mormon who LOVED beer) related that the LDS church invested in Coke in the mid-70’s. After that, there was a ‘revelation’ that Coke and Pepsi were OK. The amount of soda being sold in that valley was unbelievable. But hey, it is not ‘hot beverage’ (tea or coffee) and not alcoholic.

  49. mungobuh says:

    I know that the Knights of Columbus donated funds to Yes on Prop 8. I have decided never to support any of their charity drives or barbecues. Sad, really.

    I’ve heard that Pepsi is practically owned by Mormons. No big sweat there…I’m a Coke fan, myself.

  50. Gkar says:

    In the final analysis it was the voters of California, not the Mormons, who perpetrated this travesty. If we are going to boycott anybody, I still think the state of California should be the target. The people of California don’t get to say, “the Mormons made us do it.” The Mormons didn’t pull the lever. The voters did. (Although I do support an all out effort to strip churches, all churches, of their tax exempt status.)

  51. maddog2020 says:

    Please do boycott Utah! I’ve lived here for many years and am an avid outdoorsmen.

    Over the past 15 years or so we’ve had a population explosion from places like California and Washington because Utah it’s a nice place to live. Now the roads are crowded, housing prices have gone through the roof (even in this economy), and outdoor activities suck because of so many people.

    I long for the days of having hiking trails in Zion’s and Arches to myself.

    Please tell all your friends to say away so people like me can enjoy this great state once again.

  52. catdance says:

    Boycott the entire state.

  53. utahtourismdude says:

    hey folks i work in the tourism industry in utah, was a vocal ‘no on 8’ guy and am embarrassed for the lds church. but if you really want to get revenge on the church or the 60% of utahns who are mormon…


    40% of us would love and support you and we could continue giving hell to the puritans of this state who still think it is the dark ages. plus it is pretty and clean here. and still cheap as hell.

  54. catdance says:

    We should have civil marriage — it would remove the churches from the entire issue. The only marriage that would be legal would be performed at town hall by a civil officer. Anyone who so desired would be free to have a second, religious ceremony, but a religious ceremony would not be a legal marriage in and of itself.

  55. LyssieGoRound says:

    Disney is pretty gay-friendly, though.

  56. Beregond says:

    Albertson’s grocery stores are Mormon.

  57. tjuarez says:

    Oh and let us not forget the Knights of Columbus. The group that was allegedly founded as a haven from Bigotry (so I was told by a member dressed as though for a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera) but has since descended into the very thing it decries. Allegedly they were formed to counteract anti-Catholic bias from groups like the Masons. Oh the irony.

  58. ad74 says:

    I’m ready to mobilize. Sign me up.

  59. MikeDoughney says:

    Well, frankly, with regard to the Catholics, I don’t understand why anyone would want to darken the doorstep of a Catholic church – much less send them money – after the shakedown letter that was sent by “Yes on 8” was signed by the head of the California Catholic Conference. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Proposition_8_(2008)#Protectmarriage.com_letter_to_Equality_California_donors – Go first for the people and organizations that are directly involved – that would be the churches and church hierarchy, and their direct commercial holdings and organizations. Yeah, I’m talking Catholic Charities, and I’m tired of hearing silly rationalizations for people’s support of organizations like that.

  60. ThingsComeUndone says:

    Mitt’s hedge fund Bain Capital owns Home Depot and Clear Channel. also we can tell retirees to sell and buy something else rather than hold a Mormon Property, I assume a list is being thought of for Catholics too What does the Church and her utlra right supporters own?

  61. surakmn says:

    Do we boycott Massachusetts (or Italy) every time the Pope says something stupid? Frustration with the Mormon church’s involvement is understandable, but that the headquarters is in Utah doesn’t mean that much. Yes many Utahns are Mormons, but many Utahns are not and ironically those most impacted by a tourism boycott would be those who are more gay friendly. Being sufficiently calm to plan and do the right thing will ultimately be more effective than flailing about trying to do “anything”.

  62. mermaidart says:

    I thought maybe it was a Mormon beer.

  63. kplunk says:

    Voters were misled by people such as Elsa Broekhuizen, the widow of Edgard Prince and the mother of Erik Prince, founder of the mercenary firm, Blackwater. And by Howard Ahmanson who during a 1985 interview with the Orange County Register, summarized his political agenda: “My goal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives.”

  64. skeptic says:

    Called the Ca Sec of State and was told that they are in process of counting the absentee and provisional ballots. The certification for the vote will be Dec 13th.

    This issue needs to be pursued at length. As I told the Prop 8 people, both by phone and e.mail, they were going to lose this thing. They did not seem to have a clue as to what they were doing and it smelled of complete amateurism.

  65. clytemnestra says:

    Mormons Stole Our Rights

  66. mermaidart says:

    I can tell you that the scrapbooking industry is huge, does phenomenal business, and that began with Mormons and the whole geneology thing. Many of the scrapbooking companies and suppliers are based in Provo. Also, Stampin’ Up is a rubber stamp home party business that was started by two Mormon sisters, and is hugely successful. Go into any craft store and looking through the packaging – a large amount comes from Utah.

  67. ggetaclue says:

    Well Obama is either going to enforce the law, the constitutional separation of church and state (upon which the tax exemption is based) or he is going to prove to be just another political opportunist, in which case we haven’t accomplished anything at all.

  68. rphillips4165 says:

    Can someone tell me how you get a proposition on the ballot? If it’s just a certain number of people signing a petition, then why doesn’t someone get up a petition to ban heterosexual marriage in California. I know it won’t pass but it might make a lot of people think. And isn’t it already a law that churches lose their tax exempt status if they get involved in politics. Let’s watch them and push this point. Would they have to pay back taxes? These are some other ways to go after them.

  69. clytemnestra says:

    I understand that. But IMHO just going after Utah will not make the impression you want … like some of the commenters have said … what the hell is in UTAH?

    CA is a different story, loss of buisness all over the state ,even from the GLBST community inside the state (moving conventions outside the state for example) will have an impact .. plus interestingly enough

    What do CA and FL have incommon beside a
    hateful vote yesterday and oranges?


  70. ottnott says:

    The voters didn’t demand that the measures go on the ballot. Somebody, usually national organizations funded by very wealthy, very fundamentalist, donors pay the big bucks to gather petition signatures for the ballot measure and to pay for the campaign professionals and campaign ads.

    That’s where the vulnerability lays.

    That said, boycotting an entire state makes sense if the leadership and the voters come out strong for the discriminatory measure.

  71. clytemnestra says:

    I don’t see this happening … he’d lose too much political capital

  72. ggetaclue says:

    I wouldn’t be so certain that Prop 8 would NOT pass muster under the 14th Amendment. The court historically has applied Equal Protection to cases where the plaintiffs’ immutable characteristics were the basis for the alleged discrimination. Until and unless the Court agrees that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic instead of the result of “choice” I wouldn’t count my Equal Protection chickens before they hatch. And churchie has a lot invested in promoting false claims that it is a matter of choice, because then churchie can “promise” a “cure.”

    I believe all states should henceforth be prohibited from issuing marriage licenses. States should be restricted to issuing civil union licenses to any couples who wish to take one out, regardless of gender or racial, bla bla bla composition. If the couple choses to marry, they can do so in the church, temple, coven, synagogue or other place of worship in which they chose to do so.

    If marriage is to be defined by religious groups, by gum religious groups should own it.

    Enough of this silly nonsense.

  73. Demo_Dave says:

    Only 400k votes separate a win from a loss –
    Keep the pressure on them to count all the provisional and absentee ballots (rumored to be up to 3 or 4 million!) !

    Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied.

    Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

    Tell them that you want ALL the proposition 8 votes counted!

    Call today!

    CA secretary of state:
    (916) 657-2166,
    or you can lodge a recorded complaint by calling 1-800-345-VOTE

  74. ggetaclue says:

    Better idea…let’s get the Obama administration to set the IRS on a complete investigation of EVERY SINGLE church or likewise tax exempt organization that brazenly violated that exemption by mixing itself into the political scene.

    Time to pay up, churchie

  75. DAB says:

    I’m extremely angry that the LDS church spent money to pass Prop 8, but boycotting Utah seems a bit off. Shouldn’t we instead be boycotting California?? They’re the ones who voted the way they did. And, while we’re at it, Arizona and Florida. And, of course, those states that voted for hate earlier, such as Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon…and, yes, Utah. So put Utah back on the list. But as a gay man, I’m starting to run out of states I can actually visit. It’s getting depressing.

  76. csnet says:

    Point taken, you are correct about the scope of boycotts.

    I am just so frustrated by this hateful thing passing in my state.

  77. davidinchelseama says:

    I know I sound like a broken record, here, since I’ve made this comment in various threads here over the last 24 hours, but what the hell – one more time:

    This ban on gay marriage will ultimately not hold up over time. When Obama places new members on the Supreme Court, I can promise you that such nonsense will be struck down – probably within ten years or less.

    We will absolutely have FULL FEDERAL MARRIAGE BENEFITS for civil unions within ten years or so.

  78. davidinlb says:

    I am a Meeting & Event Planner in Long Beach Ca. and have sent Marriott a ton of business, “THAT STOPS NOW”. We need to reach out to the LGBT travel professionals and those sympathetic and begin this boycott NOW! I think we should focus on Marriott and the state of Utah.
    Any ideas on how to organize? I’m reaching out to some area planners to start the process locally.

  79. clytemnestra says:

    rotflol .. so much for their moral stands
    one of the reasons we did not choose USU for my husband’s graduate degree was they made you promise not to imbibe caffiene.

    he said “I have just a few vices, leave me my caffiene”

  80. ottnott says:

    They want separate but equal? Okay.

    All marriages that take place in Mormon churches are considered domestic partnerships. Couples who want additional rights similar to those of traditional (i.e. non-Mormon) marriages are welcome to create the necessary contracts.

  81. rja4429 says:

    Yes, yes, yes, boycott anything and anybody connected to Utah and the Mormon “church.” But please, think bigger and don’t forget about Florida and Arizona, where we were stomped, too. Despicable, mean-spirited “christians” (damned if I’ll capitalize it) are responsible in all three states. Here in Florida, we need to boycott all who are behind or involved with this outfit calling itself “Florida4Marriage.” Especially, we need to dump governor I’m-Not-Gay-Because-I’m-Getting- Married Charlie Christ, who proudly announced he voted “Yes on 2.” And how could so many African-Americans (you’re an oppressed minitory, folks, remember) have voted against Gay equality?

    Marriage is not the real issue with any of these people and outfits; Gay is their problem. God forbid we should be happy!

  82. clytemnestra says:

    was that your answer to my comment down thread? if soi .. do you want to repost it where it belongs?

    well gee the boycott punished everyone in CO… including people who did not support the discriminatory practice. also if you support the boycott of Mormon owned businesses are you under some illusion that people who support gay rights, who work for these companies are not going to be hurt?

    Do you understand the full costs of a boycott?

  83. ottnott says:

    Yes, the situation definitely calls for action.

    I’d go with two approaches, the first being boycotts of some visible, vulnerable targets.

    I think, though, that the supplements industry is another avenue to pursue. We could push the new Democratic Congress to tighten regulation of the industry, which I consider to be harmful in several ways: expensive supplements that have no effect waste people’s money and entice some people away from effective treatments; poor regulation of the industry leads to poor quality control and contents that don’t match the label; the multi-level-marketing approach heavily favored by the Utah (i.e. Mormon) supplements companies is inherently unethical; and distributors frequently promote products with unproven claims.

    I know that many readers may have favored herbal supplements/treatments. My aim wouldn’t be to clear nonprescription items off the shelves. I think the approach would be to attack multi-level-marketing of supplements and to make producers more responsible for the claims of their distributors.

  84. clytemnestra says:

    how could I have forgotten that.. my mother was fuming about the LDS … and when did African Americans get to be the religious leaders of the church (1980? 1990?) but only after secular pressure did someone inside the church received a sign from God that it was time.

  85. MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel says:

    Aw, gee, I’m already married! And I don’t think–scratch that, I know that the manly Mr. Biscuitbarrel would not welcome another husband in this marriage. No polyandry for poor Mrs. Biscuitbarrel!

  86. csnet says:

    Punishing the 47.5% who voted against this terrible initiative reminds me of stoning rape victims such as is done in other countries. The San Francisco Bay area rejected this initiative overwhelmingly. We are the victims of out of state money pouring into this state and yet you would punish us? Sounds like the kind of hate and unfairness used by the proponents of Prop 8 that we rejected.

    Statewide results:
    08 – Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry
    YES: 5,358,816 52.5%
    NO: 4,866,840 47.5%


  87. Yukio says:

    no kidding…

    this is the phrase we should have capitalized on:

    “The LDS Church’s campaign to pass Proposition 8 was its most vigorous since the 1970s, when it joined the effort to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment. “

  88. bill__free says:

    You use the sabbath that the LDS claims is their day of worship. Or you have different days for different faiths. A team would have make sure that they would not play any players on THEIR specific day of worship.

  89. Zang says:

    I work for Starwood Hotels (Sheraton, Westin, etc), so I already boycott Marriott =)
    They are our main competitors along with Hilton and Hyatt.

  90. nicho says:

    They’ll also sell you porn in a Marriott hotel.

  91. nicho says:

    And retroactively nullifies all divorces and remarriages by previously divorced people.

    The big fundie church up the street from me was a big Prop Hate supporter. I used to work in family court and can’t tell you how many restraining orders mentioned that church. Some of the abuse happened in the parking lot and even one in the church during services. Others involved married people who met someone else at church and was fooling around.

    These people are truly whacked.

  92. Flippant_to_the_Last says:

    We’ve come a ways from being publicly boiled in oil or ripped into fours by whip-frenzied horses…but not far e-fucking-nough.

  93. thudpucker says:

    This needs to go down: http://www.mormonstockindex.com/

  94. clytemnestra says:

    Oh look at this bullshiiiite


    Mormons want to make nice now … and they support “separate but equal” … kind of, maybe, if . . . .

  95. RichardfromHB says:

    The Mormons also sponsor about 75% of the Boy Scout Troops in the US.

  96. How does money spent getting into a state park end up in Mormon hands? Do they own EVERYTHING in Utah?

    If so, news to me…..

  97. texrednface says:

    I let my Ancestry.com subscription go last month because it was $20+ a month. That’s alot of scratch per year, but it’s got some neat stuff on it. I believe America.blog may have run their ads recently.
    Here’s info from wikipedia:
    The Generations Network is an Internet company based in Provo, Utah and the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world. They run a growing network of genealogy and family-related websites, listed below.
    Ancestry.com, Infobases.com, Family Tree Maker(geneology software) Genealogy.com LongLostPeople.com MyFamily.com RootsWeb.com

  98. clytemnestra says:

    I’m not saying DON’T go after Mormons .. I’m saying
    don’t let CA get off scott free

  99. Ma'at says:

    Oh it would piss them off for sure. It is part of the endowment ceremony and are claimed to be the words Adam supposedly used in his first prayer to God after being tossed from Eden and means, “oh God, hear the words of my mouth.” Pronounced just like it reads: Pay Lay Ale

    For more on the mormon idiocy check out http://www.exmormon.org

    There’s a bit more to it than that but that’ll get you going.

    Nothing worse for Mormons than revealing what goes on in the Temple. And though I grew to dislike the Church intensely, they pretty much kept to themselves except for proselytizing. For me, they have now gone WAY over the line so I have no problem fighting back in this, or any other, way.

  100. hankt27 says:

    Overstock.com is also a Utah based company.

  101. MikeDoughney says:

    Prominent Mormons own and run Marriott, particularly the Marriott family.

    Bonneville International is directly owned by the church; it’s one of the few companies I’ve heard of that is a church property.

  102. kh7463 says:

    I’m afraid that Indiana is going to be next. I know they’re trying to get it on the ballots.

  103. sullivan says:

    I want to do something but I am confused.
    The “list of famous Mormons” only lists mostly CEO’s of companies. Does that mean the company is Mormon owned? I would like someone to make a comprehensive list of boycotts that make sense. What is the Marriott connection?

  104. sangsara says:

    I live in SLC and am NOT mormon. I say start with church owned businesses. Here’s my contribution to the boycott:

  105. clytemnestra says:

    this morning I called CA an apartheid state. . . . that word, apartheid, should be leveled at Florida, etc. too

    Remember what progressives in the music business did re: Sun City South Africa?

    that should be happening here, in this instance

  106. houstonray says:

    Here is a list of businesses who are HQ’d in Utah…a few recognizable national name brands…might be interested to see how many are Mormon owned or heavily influenced by…


    1-800-contacts, overstock. com, TCBY, etc…

  107. JohnInTexas says:

    They own stock in pepsi, as do a lot fo us gay folks who are not mormon. They do NOT own Pepsi.

  108. JohnInTexas says:

    that’s not true

  109. kh7463 says:

    I love that! I’ll marry you. I live in Indiana.

  110. larz says:

    They weren’t really anti-gay until the LDS decided that BSA was their youth organization of choice. All boys were “strongly encouraged” (if not required) to join. Once they had that huge membership block, they pushed their anti-gay agenda from within. The LDS hijacked the organization and ruined it for everyone else.

  111. clytemnestra says:

    have you looked at the numbers? http://aravosis.wpengine.com/2008/11/its-official-nearly-20000-marriages-of.html

    It wasn’t just “some of the voters” .. not everyone in Colorado supported a discrimatory practice, didn’t matter, .. the whole state was targetted – it’s the only way it works …

  112. clytemnestra says:

    not as good, but we’ll thank you for the business .. remember we in MA got marriage equality because of a Mormon

  113. kh7463 says:

    Awww I love Pepsi. Ok, I’ll drink Coke.

  114. kh7463 says:

    I’m totally with you on this.

  115. tigerclaw says:

    We need to do something, it is unacceptable that Prop 8 passed. I just don’t understand people…

  116. clytemnestra says:

    do they um extend spousal benefits, like um health insurance, to the um partners of their 2 or 3 gay employees?

  117. JohnInTexas says:

    Yeah, and cancels any straight married couple’s license if they are not procreating or haven’t been.

  118. sbjules says:

    I visit Salt Lake City for genealogy research fairly often, but I’m not going any more. I can’t stay across the street from Temple Square, use their library & eat in their dining room after getting those horrible robocalls here in California.

  119. Nancy_Beth says:

    How about getting an initiative on the California ballot that amends the constitution by eliminating divorce for straight people? They seem to love marriage so much, it seems only fair.

  120. larz says:

    But how do you boycott these guys? Stop buying candy from people in yellow smocks and going to church?

  121. clytemnestra says:

    did you email them this link?

  122. thudpucker says:

    Don’t forget the HRC’s buyer’s guide: http://www.hrc.org/issues/workplace/cei.htm and Corporate Equality Index. Not a list of Mormons, but those that support LGBT equality in the workplace.

  123. csnet says:

    We must punish directly those involved who supported this discriminatory initiative, principally the Mormon church and all the businesses from which they derive profits.

    It was SOME of the voters of CA that voted for this. In my county this initiative was rejected easily, though I am ashamed to know I live among the 33.9% who supported this disgusting thing:

    PROP 8 – Eliminate Right
    of Same-Sex Couples
    Completed Precincts: 453 of 453
    Vote Count Percentage
    Yes 65,898 33.9%
    No 128,466 66.1%

  124. JohnInTexas says:

    I agree with several of the posts below, California deserves the boycott, but may as well throw Utah and any Mormon owned business in their too, just for good measure for being the hate mongerers they have always been. I don’t care if it was their “followers” who did the donating, it’ll trickle down to them eventually and maybe they’ll think twice next time about spreading hate and divisiveness.

  125. sullivan says:

    Why in the hell would I want to go to Utah?

  126. kladinvt says:

    Ski the East!

  127. sheriffpony says:

    The Boy Scouts of America. Not only are they anti-gay to begin with, they are funded primarily by the LDS.

  128. Indigo says:

    Sundance is the brainchild of Robert Redford who used to own a ski lodge in Provo and then went on to artsy-er things with the Sundance Film Festival. His ex-wife is Mormon and for many years he lived right there as a respectable citizen. Mormon? you wonder. Not officially. More like a fellow traveler. He won’t move the Festival. Boycott Robert Redford. He’s an enabler.

  129. larz says:

    But they have a history of screwing us. This isn’t only about Prop 8 – but about an ongoing religious war that THEY have waged on us.

  130. clytemnestra says:

    really? with all their caffiene products and Mormons own them … whoa!

  131. MikeDoughney says:

    Boycotting the stations owned by Bonneville International, a direct subsidiary of the LDS church, is an excellent path of action. They own the all-newser here in the Washington DC area, WTOP, which I can do without with its nonstop barrage of ads from “defense” and “homeland security” contractors (the security-industrial complex that is the legacy of Bush II) and commentary from assholes like Cal Thomas and Chris Core.

  132. larz says:

    Just sent an email to my Bonneville station letting them know they lost a long time listner and that I will be asking friends, families, and advertisers to boycott as well. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

  133. Indigo says:

    I’m with you on that one! Never been there. Have no reason to go there.

  134. clytemnestra says:

    I siad this over at dailykos this morning …. I think the whole preogressive community will support this …BUT it was the voters of CA who voted for this … why just go after the Mormon church soley .. you picked on Colorado because of what Colorado had done to itself (btw skiing in Utah is great too) … you can’t IMHO just go after Mormons for what the voters of CA did.

  135. Indigo says:

    And in Mexico.

  136. heyduke says:

    I live in Utah and own a small business. I think your idea of punishing another state for the sins of the voters in CA is a mistake. I contributed to the No on 8 campaign as well as many others in Utah. How about finding out who owns businesses in California that supported the measure and punishing them.

  137. Indigo says:

    Domino’s remains in business and is trying to start a Catholic university city on the west coast of Florida near Naples.

  138. Blueflash says:

    As though Utah tourist dollars don’t end up in Mormon hands.

  139. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    The Mormon church owns Pepsi Cola company. There’s a good start.

  140. Indigo says:

    You got that right!

  141. stinkindesertguy says:

    I live in SE Utah, in Grand County. We were the only Utah county to go for Obama. Yahoo. The saddest part of election night and the day after was seeing CA Prop 8 win. Utah gets a huge amount of tourism, especially in the ski areas and here in the Canyon Country. For myself, a boycott of UT would hurt financially, but the intolerance of theocrats hurts more. Boycott away. Colorado has great mountain biking and skiing. Plenty of desert all around the Four Corners. Many alternatives.

  142. Indigo says:

    Q. What business are connected to the Mormon Church besides Marriott?
    A. As CEO’d by Mitt Romney, there’s Fuji Film, Staples, and Sports Authority. Here in Florida there’s also the urbanist development known as Harmony, the Deseret Ranch, and the Publix grocery chain.

  143. And don’t boycott the Utah State Parks!!!

    Boycott the Morons.

    Utah is one beautiful State!

  144. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    I’ve heard that’s how they do it in France.

  145. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    What does it mean?

  146. Bill T. says:

    Let’s not forget the Roman Catholic Church. The Knights of Columbus, or Catholic Masons, poured a lot of their money into Prop. 8 too.

  147. Blueflash says:

    It was odd. He was right on it with the bullshit as though he had been trained to expect a call like mine.

  148. judybrowni says:

    Also lists donors by their name, town & business.

    I called a couple last week and let them have it.

    Think i’ll call again this week, to gloat: Prop 8 is likely to be declared unconstitutional:

  149. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    I think if is booted then the governor of the state gets to appoint a successor. Oh, duh! Governor would just pick herself!

  150. Bill T. says:

    Back in the 70’s, we boycotted Florida orange juice until Anita Bryant was fired as spokesperson for the Florida Orange Growers. We also boycotted Coors beer until Joe Coors backed off on his homophobia. The LGBT community needs to get back to using its economic power to control the dialog. I use whatever little financial clout I have to not support anti-gay corporations. I haven’t eaten a Domino’s pizza in 30 years.

  151. larz says:

    LDS own a lot of radio stations – Bonneville International for example owns many radio stations in Chicago, DC, St Louis, Salt Lake, LA, Seattle, Cinncinati, Phoenix. They are “church” owned. When they bought a local station here is Chicago the morning show hosts quietly stopped showing up to the Pride parade – they’ve scheduled “vacation” for the show the week of Pride for the last several years. It had been a pretty gay friendly station before. Should be easy to boycott them in the markets they serve as most are pretty progressive.

  152. nicho says:

    Just for the record, the Mormons were not persecuted for their bizarre religious beliefs. That’s just a load of horseshit. The late 19th Century was a hotbed of weird religious sects and medical quacks. There are Mary Baker Eddy and Madame Blavatsky, along with hordes of roaming preachers and medicine shows. They all did quite well.

    The problem people had with the Mormons was that every place they went, they tried this shit. They tried to establish a Mormon theocracy. People didn’t like that.

    Also, Joseph Smith never met a woman he didn’t want to fuck — his own wives, other Mormons’ wives (hence the secret Temple ceremonies, which started out as orgies) and the wives of local townfolk. That had people reaching for the Winchesters.

  153. Millineryman says:

    Excellent idea, a straight friend said to me today that she wanted to boycott all states and companies that support this kind of hate.

  154. GarySFBCN says:

    We can start by boycotting the radio stations and their sponsors listed here (the are Mormon owned). Maybe those who live in the areas listed can listen to get a list of the sponsor and post them here or elsewhere.


    I will be boycotting Marriott.

  155. pet valet says:

    ad showing religious-taliban mormons was a good, direct jab … another front for next ads … making bigotry ‘inconvenient’ on another level: public opinion … i.e., your religion is intrusive and is someone else’s concept of a cult …

  156. Blueflash says:

    Only comments that extol the many wonders of Marriott it appears. What a surpise! Don’t go there. Don’t give them the traffic.

  157. Laura-In-CC (fka Doodlebug) says:

    But which Sabbath do we use? Saturday (Friday sunset on) as the Jews and Seventh Day Adventists observe or Sunday??? It’s a conundrum.

  158. chrisvoigt says:

    Oakley (think sunglasses), priceline.com (Chief Marketing Officier), Albertson’s, Deloitte & Touche, Novell

  159. Wolfsinger says:

    HeHeHe. I realized reading these comments and those on other sites that the Christian right Republican water bearers have, to use an historical reference, “awakened a sleeping giant.” Its a new day.

    There are a whole lot of deeply pissed off Gays, Liberals, Progressives and just plain common sense Americans out there, Patriots All, that today have gotten their BRAVE on and are not going to take the crap that these jack booted thugs have been dishing out these past eight years. Change? Oh, you ain’t seen nuthin yet!

  160. nicho says:

    They may employ some gays, but it’s don’t ask-don’t tell. Step out of line and you’ge gone.

  161. zavlin says:

    Make sure to direct your “boycott” at the mormon church, and not the people of utah. Please do not fight this with more negativity.

  162. BWL says:

    My family are all hard core Mormons in Utah. They’ve given their full support to pass Prop 8. I’ve told them I will never set foot in Utah again. Not one [email protected]*king penny of mine will go to that State of Hate.

    And just to further piss them off. I’m pimping myself out.


  163. Blueflash says:

    It’s about letting corporations run by right-wing theocrats know that there can be a price to pay. Duh.

  164. nicho says:

    Wow — so can we just stand outside the LDS church on Sunday and shout that? That would be a great way to protest them.

  165. pagancub says:

    I agree, but you underestimate the power that this idiot has on the far right. There is a large population out there that think she is the new messiah, come to save them from the evil black devil. By putting herself in the senate, she would get more face time…especially if she brings on the crazy. The right will eat that shit up.

  166. zoozoopedals says:

    I have a serious problem with money coming from out of state for propositions. I am very disappointed today. I am glad that it was so close–the No on Prop 8 people are reminding us that 3 million absentee ballots still need to be counted but I am not hopeful. I am very disappointed in the African American community for falling victim to the advertising. If people were truly left to decide about this amendment on their own–without the lies and manipulations of advertising– I believe they would have made the right decision.. The Yes on Prop ads were just too good, the No on Prop 8 ads were never as effective.

    The Yes on prop 8 people made it sound like gays were going to force churches to perform gay marriages and were forcing it on their children.

    I like the idea of having 2 ceremonies, one for governmental purposes and the a marriage performed at ones church if that is what they want.

  167. chrisvoigt says:

    Nicho, thanks so much for your link to the business list: scrolling down it I see some familiar names: La Quinta, Iomega, Black & Decker, 1-800-CONTACTS

  168. erick28 says:

    yeah boycott marriot… as if we can make people to vote again against prop 8

  169. njprogressive says:

    I was thinking this same thing too. I don’t know if more face time would necessarily help her in a 2012 scenario. I am fairly confident that our news cycle would pretty much only show her if she did or said something stupid from here on out. In the end I think her time in the spotlight is about to be finished. But stranger things have happened in the republican party, so who knows.

  170. Ma'at says:

    Hell yes boycott.

    I was a Mormon for about 15 years before I left the church where, as I moved up the leadership ladder, I discovered their IMMENSE hypocrisy and institutionalized cruelty.

    as an aside, fastest way to get ride of a Mormon is just look at them and say “Pay Lay Ale”. It’s from the Temple ceremony. They’ll run fast and they’ll run far.

  171. SeanMalloy says:

    Ridicule is an excellent tool…Look what it did to Dubya and Darth Cheney.

    Morality tut-tutting from people who dump excess young men with barely the clothes on their backs onto highways like litter to accommodate the continued polygamy of a few dominant males…Strange, considering such rigid primitive behavior would normally have a heavy homosexual initiation aspect that would have disallowed the dumping of excess sons…

  172. davidkc says:

    Um, it won’t be hard for me to boycott Utah. I’ve never been there and never plan to go there.

  173. Blueflash says:

    I called 301 380-3000 to tell Marriot I’m boycotting them and that I would spread the message. Got a slick and really defensive talker telling me how the corporation is “totally separate” from the family but ,yes, they’re Mormons. He couldn’t deny the obvious that the corporation’s money goes to the family. He also tried to mollify me with bullshit to the effect that they even employ some gays (gasp) – fair-minded people that they are. Please call them. Maybe we can get this rolling.

  174. erick28 says:

    WHERE IS THE CHANGE, maybe not for the LGBT

  175. erick28 says:

    Is it because of the money that the hate initiative passed or there are fewer people who voted against it. Let us face it, alot of Americans hate gays…yes even in California. If the basic right to be treated equal is being denied that is HATRED.

    I am glad that Grey’s Anatomy removed a gay character in that show… now gays have something to fight that might possibly win. Oh is GLAAD already busy organizing about it?

  176. pagancub says:

    Is the following scenario possible:

    Ted Stevens wins the senate seat in Alaska. The senate kicks him out. A special election is held in Alaska whereby Mrs. Palin takes the republican side, wins, and becomes a Senator for Alaska.

    Is this possible? Would it benefit her for 2012 to have national and governor experience? Would it give her more clout?

  177. FunMe says:

    “they messed with the wrong faggots” …

    I’m game

    Let the boycotts begin!

  178. njprogressive says:

    damn you!!!! you beat me to it :)

  179. Wolfsinger says:

    The LDS church has a long and well documented history of top down discrimination and hypocrisy. Don’t take my word for it. READ. The LDS church and any other Christian right church that politics from their pulpits needs to lose their tax exempt status. Enough is ENOUGH!

    I am sick and tired of these un-American un-Christian revisionists of history corrupting the Constitution the way they corrupt the Bible in order to foster and grow legions of intolerant and hateful people who do their dirty work in the name of their version of God. Using the same arguments today to discriminate against Gays as they have done time and time again to Women Blacks, Native Americans and anyone else of color.

    SO Lets get started. YES! Boycott the state! Yes! Slam the door on their followers when they knock. Yes! Dry up their coffers! Yes! Yes! YES WE CAN!

  180. 1970cs says:


    Bill Marriot has a blog where you can leave comments.

  181. chrisvoigt says:

    The UUA (Unitarian Universalists) is having their denominational General Assembly next June in Salt Lake City. As a member of the largest UU church in the denomination I wonder what pressure there is internally today and externally from this day forward to change where we meet. I mean, we talk A LOT about social justice and having Welcoming Congregations™ but it really would be just talk if we do it while at the same time we are materially supporting Mormon Land.

  182. njprogressive says:

    If I am not mistaken, a lot of the muscle builder protein supplements come from Utah. I am not sure if they have any connection with the Mormon church directly, but those companies do operate in Utah. I just watched a documentary recently about steroids on HBO and they talked about how those “dietary supplements” are a large part of their economy. Just throwing that out there :)

  183. HereinDC says:

    To Oklahoma….

  184. HereinDC says:

    Yes, Move it.

  185. recentdemocrat says:

    Utah is also home to a large supplement industry (vitamins etc…) Haven’t started the research of what companies and/or execs contributed to yes on 8 but I’m fairly confident it was substantial. On a personal not,e I already identified my dentists (father and son Mormons) who together contributed $1500 to the hate campaign. Called the office this AM and told them to remove me from the patient rolls because I don’t patronize bigots. Also sent out an email to our supporters in our small mountain town identifying Drs. Dunn and Dunn as enablers of the hate. I have no doubt that there will be additional cancellations.

  186. nicho says:

    Then, I’m definitely boycotting Blackwater.

  187. nicho says:

    Here’s a list of Mormons and the business they run


    You can add JetBlue, NuSkin, and a bunch of other companies to your list

  188. jescot says:

    I have very strong feelings about boycotting a whole State for the “sins” of the Morman Church. I have good friends in Salt Lake City and they have tons of friends who voted for Obama and would have voted to strike down Amendment 8. They depend on the economy too. I think the better approach is to look at companies the Morman church has a stake in and go after them across the board . What should really be done is not to be vindicative but to hurt em where it really hurts and fight back locally in California to return the right for anyone to get married. Isnt that really the brass ring. Californians need to be brought into the 21st century on thsis issue ….that should be the focus …it will be a hard struggle and Californians should not get distracted form securing feeedoms for all its citizens.
    The fight is among your neighbors and he Mormon church just interfered and trust me they will again and again . Build alliances, coalitions and partnerships. Win in the marketplace of ideas and help create a better State.

  189. existenz says:

    Every state has these voters. There are probably less than 10 states that would vote down these gay marriage bans, because we all have our socially conservative idiots in addition to easily-persuadable morons. The Yes on 8 campaign made this about teaching kids to be gay, rather than about allowing gay people to be happy. It was a very effective Karl Rove style campaign that only won because the No side slept in.

  190. DavidinPS says:

    One of the largest contributors was a woman who is the mother of Eric Prince–the founder and head of Blackwater.

  191. existenz says:

    The Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah and is one of the top “conventions” in the state of Utah. If you shut that down, you really hurt that state.

    It is time for gay Hollywood to say thanks but no thanks to Utah. Move the festival to Colorado instead.

  192. DavidinPS says:

    One of the things that helped in the battle for civil rights in the sixties was fear. Actual fear–which can be an extremely powerful tool if we have the guts to go back to the ACT UP days–but also fear of being called a racists .Letters to the editor in my local Palm Springs paper from those supporting Prop 8 always said something like “I’m not a bigot. I just believe marriage… etc” They HATE being called what they are. We have got to stop being afraid of calling them bigots. Their religion is the source of their bigotry, not an excuse for it. Every Mormon gathering place should be picketed daily with signs reading “Bigots Worship Here” . It wouldn’t hurt to do the same to the local Catholic Church, or Fundie meeting hall either. I know this makes many queasy, but enough of this shit is enough.

  193. bill__free says:

    Hold the LDS up to ridicule for allowing the moral decay of America. They are allowing not encouraging people to keep holy the sabbath. That is the 4th commandment. There should be no NASCAR races. no MLB or NFL on Sunday. Also, no tennis or golf. The LDS should insist that all cities should have their golf courses closed on Sunday.

    Start a movement and ask the church of LDS to join in your fighting of the continuing moral decay of the country by stopping all activity on the Sabbath. After all, that is actually one of the commandments that they want everyone to follow.

    Remember, while you are relaxing & watching an event, someone that is participating in the event is breaking a commandment,. This must be stopped.

  194. TampaZeke says:

    Let’s not forget that it was CALIFORNIANS and FLORIDIANS and ARIZONANS and ARKANSANS who VOTED for these damned things. No matter where the money came from the blame goes to the VOTERS who approved them.

  195. HereinDC says:

    I’m the travel coordinator for a business here in DC.
    I book the hotel rooms and meeting rooms for small conferences.
    I choose the hotels we stay at during the conferences.

    Beginning today…I’m zapping Marriott from the (my) list of preferred hotels.

  196. I’m so in on this.

    How about a day of action against eBay?

    Teach Meg Whitman a thing or two.

  197. Anneliese says:

    That is a list of donors to the “Yes on 8” campaign. I plan to look at the list to see where not to spend money.

  198. barrykyle415 says:

    Not just state; not just companies. Let’s take it to the mormons. After all, being religious is a choice, let’s make them pay for it. As I stated earlier, my door now has a sign that reads: “Mormons Not Welcome Here.” If their missionaries run into those signs at every door they approach, they will get the message loud and clear.

  199. HereinDC says:


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