This is what democracy looks like

UPDATE: I just got the video done. It’s from last night, and includes Obama’s entrance, some chants of “Obama, Obama!” and “Fired Up? Ready to Go”, and then Obama’s close. It’s actually pretty cool, now that I look at it again. The quality of the video is nothing to write home about, but just watch and tell me you don’t feel something.


Rob and I drove out to Manassas, Virginia last night to see Obama’s final rally. It’s a 30 to 40 minute drive that took 2.5 hours. There were so many people. The way home was even worse – rally ended at 1030 (maybe 11), got home at 230 (the Manassas police chose to sit this one out and, literally, lean against their cars and watch the traffic grind to a halt for an hour at various intersections). Anyway…. we’re glad we went. Saw a number of other bloggy folk, including Tracy Russo (who was John Edwards blogger outreach person), Ezra Klein, and David Corn. Here are a few of my photos – video coming later. Oh, and for many of the photos, if you click the image it will open a larger version.

A little freeway blogging on the highway out to suburban Virginia.

No need to play Where’s Waldo with diversity in this crowd. Finally a political rally that looks like America. Oh yeah, and nobody shouting anything about assassinations or terrorists either. It’s amazing what a little civilization does for a crowd.

The press area, which we were in, was really wonderfully located. We were a good, maybe 50 or 60 feet from Obama (I’m bad at distances). As Obama was speaking, I kept hearing this voice in the back of my head (seriously), saying “My friends….” The contrast could not have been starker between McCain’s whine and Obama’s eloquence. Obama is presidential. McCain is simply angry.

I got several nice panorama shots (click the photo to see a larger version). Hopefully Blogger won’t water the photo down too much. I especially like the tshirt on the kid in front to the right.

Okay, folks wanted more photos, here are a few more.

This one isn’t a panorama, but you really get a sense of the crowd. Rob tells me the crowd looped around to the left, way beyond the press risers.

Sea of Change.

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32 Responses to “This is what democracy looks like”

  1. 99% sure it’s Springsteen, but not sure which song – anyone?

  2. msd says:

    what’s the title of that song that’s playing at the beginning? the “la la la la la” one?

  3. whomod says:

    Yeah. When i’m feeling down, i look at the Coleman VS Galloway video and it always cheers me up.

    Too bad it took so long for someone to follow Galloway’s example and stand up to these thugs. But now that it’s finally happened, it’s time to cheer and celebrate.

  4. LisaLV711 says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures. I was watching the rally here in Las Vegas and enjoyed every minute of it! You really got some great shots! Before the rally started, CSPAN panned the crowd several times and people were as far as the eye could see. Thanks again and looking forward to the video.

  5. Heather says:

    Yes, thank you. Now that our election cycle is almost over we should have a fundraiser for all our favorite blogs starting with Americablog. We’re all so used to donating that we’ll all be flush with cash next week. (Ha!)

  6. ahaque says:

    I watched Obama’s speech at Manassas, Virginia last night. This is amazing stuff, history being made. You are so lucky to have been a witness.

  7. I agree that the Prince William Police could have done a better job directing traffic. I left in the middle of the speech but was still stuck in traffic for 2 hours. The rally ended at 11:30pm.

  8. sconset says:

    John: Thank you so much for all you have done covering this event. I’ve been waiting for this day for 2 years now and I hope all of our hopes and dreams can now begin to come true.

    Boloboffin: Is Bachmann going to get beat? I keep going to the Minneapolis Star Trib’s website but not much info there. I also hope that “thug” Coleman gets his arse handed to him also.

  9. yellowdogdem says:

    Yeah. We’ve had the same thing in New York. I don’t know how one buys media time on the cable news channels, but if you have a choice where you’re going to broadcast, they’re really wasting their money running that ad in New York City.

  10. kgregg says:

    I was there! First ever Obama rally (i picked a good one.) Kevin, Baltimore

  11. Heather says:

    I LOVE that. Thanks for sharing!

  12. GarySFBCN says:

    Wow! It looks like the East Coast is now nearly half as progressive as the West Coast, which is an improvement. Regardless of my “snideness,” I am happy to see this happen.

  13. boloboffin says:

    No comment was made to that effect. :)

    The chief did not fire the cop, but I expect the cop is going to enjoy retirement after 30 years of service to the MPD very, very soon.

  14. KarenMrsLloydRichards says:

    Just INSANE repetition this morning on MSNBC, FNC, and CNN of the 527 Wright ad–at least four times per hour.

  15. whomod says:


    Our long national nightmare is finally almost over!!!

  16. Just posted the video at the top of the post.

  17. PeerOne says:

    mIne too!

  18. PeerOne says:

    Panoramic view is now my wallpaper. Fantastic pic John! Thank you.

  19. scottinsf says:

    Very cool!

    I just voted. The line was about a twenty minute wait and it was bustling with all our neigbors. I’ve never seen anything like it. It reminded me why my husband and I turned down the county election board wanting to use our garage as a polling place.

  20. Okay, I posted a few more :-)

  21. woodroad34 says:

    Today is the only time in the last 8 years that I can honestly say something good about George Bush: he’s finally a uniter! Everyone is united against him and his/Cheney’s policies.

  22. PAULinDC says:

    Manassas Police … doing nothing? Except when too many of “those Mexicans” look for hard work in lawncare/construction/sh!t jobs, then they spring into action protecting America’s borders. They’re on the front lines , don’t ya’ know … they can see Guatemala from Manassas.

    The rednecks in the DC ex-burbs must be miffed that the blue tide is rolling over their beloved South.

  23. AlGoretex says:

  24. HereinDC says:

    Did the cop know Fund likes to beat-up women?

  25. KarenMrsLloydRichards says:

    Um, that’s just normal traffic in NoVa ;-)
    You can cross the river more, John–it’s no longer the dark side of the moon; it’s getting blue there now!

  26. boloboffin says:

    Something is up in Milwaukee. A cop, Mike Sandvick, has been talking to John Fund who wrote a WSJ article about voter fraud there today. Now Sandvick is challenging absentee ballots and the chief is about to do a press conference. The chief is at odds with the cop over the WSJ article and an earlier report released without the chief’s approval in February. Interesting times.

  27. Unfortunately, because of our vantage point, all the pics are the same LOL There are only so many panoramas and zoom pics you can take. These are the best, the rest look just like these :-)

  28. henrythefifth says:

    More pics please! :)

  29. HereinDC says:

    Thanks John.
    The panoramic pic is my wallpaper right now.


  30. Heather says:

    I LOVE your panorama shot, John. You are right, the boy and his shirt really stand out. I took a picture to celebrate my vote for Obama.

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