Spontaneous Celebration in DC

It’s been an exciting night here in DC. We had been hearing all the horns beeping and people yelling, but then seeing the spontaneous celebration in DC in front of the White House, we decided it was time to step away from the laptops and join in. We hopped into the car and headed down to the White House – or at least tried to. The spontaneous celebration was so large that the police had begun to block off the streets. We got on foot and headed to the White House.

As we walked through the streets, people were screaming, horns were all blaring with a “beep-beep-beep” in “yes we can” tempo. All the cars has people piled into them, flags and Obama signs flying, encouraging the street crowd and vice versa. THe whole scene prompted Joe to say that he’d never seen anything like it in DC.

When we got to the White House, the crowd out front was screaming, chanting, and all in all just having a great time. Washington isn’t sleeping tonight, and I’m sure neither is George Bush.

Here is a little color from the celebration:

The Washington Post has some more.

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