Scott Eckern resigns from California Musical Theatre after protests surrounding his donation to Prop 8


I’m preparing for the religious right and their Mormon financiers to start complaining that this man’s resignation is a sign of “religious bigotry.” Because, you see, under their view of the world, when they participate in the political process in an effort to subvert civil rights, it’s democracy, but when their victims fight back it’s “intolerance.” So the only way to be tolerant, under their definition, is to sit back and let them impose their religious views on the rest of us by financial fiat. Under this logic, Jewish leaders are being “religious bigots” for opposing Mormon efforts to forcibly convert dead Holocaust victims to Mormonism against their families’ wishes. You can see the irrationality in all of this.

But the religious right loves to play the victim, even as they victimize more and more Americans. So expect lots of solemn pronouncements about how oppressed they all are because one of their victims finally fought back.

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