Sarah Palin sounds like she knows she lost. She also refuses to say if she voted for Stevens.

Can’t get rid of “that one” fast enough. Watch the video, she and her husband both sound like they know they lost. And it’s simply amazing that she may have voted for a convicted felon for Senator.

The woman did next to no real interviews, never held a press conference, and McCain hasn’t held one in two and a half months. And the media did nothing about it. On that account, they let us down. Yes, there is something they could have done. How about not letting Palin and McCain go on SNL and Letterman and every other goofy fluffy show until they hold a real press conference? How about pulling your reporters off their bus and their plane? Our media allowed McCain to set a precedent where presidential candidates are no longer required to be publicly accountable. Yet another way in which the Republicans are continually watering down our democracy, and the media, the supposed watchdogs of that democracy, yet again are complicit.

Here’s the blithering idiot – she says she thinks America is “cool.” And it is. But at some point, if you want to work in the White House and run the country, you need to learn to talk and act like an adult.


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