Oh yeah, now the Mormons want to play nice. Too late.

From Huff Post:

Given their history, Mormons know about being targeted for being different. Yet in a full-on offensive, the LDS Church mobilized in favor of California’s Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that bans gay marriage. Mormons donated $19 million to the cause — nearly four out of five dollars raised. And now that the initiative has passed, apparently Mormons want to play nice; an LDS Church leader called Wednesday for members to heal rifts caused by the campaign by treating each other with “civility, with respect and with love.”

Not. So. Fast. Gay people are fed up and have learned a thing or two about mobilizing themselves — and not just for angry rallies. Some pro-Proposition 8 folks may come to regret their not so private support of hate. And were you thinking about skiing in Utah this year? Hmmm, Colorado’s looking pretty appealing these days.

I think it’s also time for the Sundance Film Festival to leave Utah. And for any gay and gay-friendly producers to pull their films, and for gay and gay-friendly Sundance goers to skip the festival until it leaves Utah.

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