John Fund has a bad track record of mistakes concerning ACORN

You remember ACORN? The group John McCain spoke to and praised a few years back? Well, the Wall Street Journal’s embattled far-right columnist John Fund has been caught making some whoppers about ACORN in his new book. Media Matters reports:

In the revised version of his book Stealing Elections, John Fund claims that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now “runs something called ‘Camp Obama,’ which trains campaign volunteers in the same tactics that Obama honed as a community organizer.” In the “Notes” section of the book, Fund attributes this assertion to a Chicago Sun-Times article, but the article does not link “Camp Obama” to ACORN — indeed, it does not mention ACORN at all. Moreover, “Camp Obama” reportedly was established and run by the Obama campaign.

Oops. Who’d have ever guessed a far-right partisan at a Rupert Murdoch paper would lie in an effort to hurt a Democrat? It’s pretty clear that when it comes to ACORN, Fund is a few nuts short.

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