How many times has John McCain offered an inclusive message?

Obama gave a message of inclusion today, even mentioning gays. He’s been doing that a lot lately, and I’ve noticed – mentioning my people. John McCain has not. At all. Yet the gay Republicans have endorsed McCain. And what has it gotten them? Seriously, what has it gotten them? A place at the table? What table would that be? A table where their candidate doesn’t even dare say their name? A table where their candidate doesn’t support even one piece of civil rights legislation protecting them?

There are only two things gays and lesbians can say positive about John McCain. One, he doesn’t mind surrounding himself by senior staff who are “gay activists” (under the Republican definition, thereof), or more generally, openly gay. And that’s great. But let’s not get carried away. That’s like saying John McCain’s top civil rights credential is that he doesn’t fire his staff for being black.

The other “great” thing the gay Republicans say about McCain is that he opposes the anti-gay amendment to the US Constitution. But that’s not really true. What McCain has said is that he opposes the amendment FOR THE MOMENT because WE DON’T NEED IT YET. That’s a far cry from opposing the amendment. And what’s worse, the blithering idiot supports the amendment, and we all know that there’s a decent chance that the blithering idiot is going to be president sometime in the next four years if McCain wins on Tuesday.

And another thing, McCain has lent his support to the anti-gay proposition in California that will revoke the marriages of thousands of gay couples, making their children bastards. It will also be a massive gay rights setback if we lose.

So vote for McCain if you’re a Republican, and you think the country is going swell. But spare us the “I’m voting for him because he’s pro-gay” crap. The man is deathly afraid to even say our name.

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