Bush’s pardons

I was reading an article about how the Obama administration likely won’t prosecute Bush officials who authorized torture, and it got me thinking more generally about Bush’s pardons. They’re coming, and they’re gonna be nasty. Cheney and Rumsfeld are guaranteed. Anyone and everyone involved in the torture fiasco too. Other likely candidates: Karl Rove and Ted Stevens. I can pretty much guarantee Ted Stevens is on the list (just a hunch). (Which raises the question of whether he can be expelled from the Senate for a crime he’s no longer convicted of.) Mark Foley is a tougher call. And then there’s Abramoff. The last two would cause even Bush some heartburn, but don’t think they’re not being considered. Oh, and let’s not forget about Tom Delay. Can you think of any others? I’ve toggled the settings and made it easier to leave a comment – you shouldn’t have to register – try it and see by clicking here: Leave a Comment.

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