Ann Coulter’s jaw wired shut

From Page Six:

We hear… THAT although we didn’t think it would be possible to silence Ann Coulter, the leggy reaction- ary broke her jaw and the mouth that roared has been wired shut.

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  • ann
  • notero

    Now if someone would just throw water on her… She’s meltiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

  • ron071

    If true, her silence will indeed be golden, and we must give thanks for this temporary gift. How can such an evil person be given a public platform to spew this evil? Only the media and those who tune in to hear the evil are to blame.

  • Ann Coulter told Michael Savage she brought Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, but if he didn’t want it, she would chew through the kitchen wall because she smelled peanut butter on a spoon in the sink. Ann Coulter chewed through a television power cord. Ann Coulter chewed a hole in a sack of corn.


    Oh how I love karma !!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!

    Perhaps she hurled herself down the stairs after some election night binging. Sounds like it happened a bit ago.

  • LeftoverBeefcake

    It’s a pity she is still able to type out her disgusting invective… maybe she’ll have a sudden bout of arthritis next? Please? And what kind of “gold-plated Cadillac” type of health insurance plan does Ann have, I wonder…

  • mirth


    I hope you report back any replies you get there.

  • LisaLV711

    It didn’t stop Sarah the Maverick! We can only hope.

  • LisaLV711

    I just read the article about “Ann” being “Dan”. It doesn’t surprise me. I’m going to to “Ann’s” website and ask her point-blank and explain that she/he has nothing to be ashamed of. JUST THAT GUTTER MOUTH! Oh that’s right, she can’t talk back, but she can type. Let’s see what happens. Hee…hee….hee….(no pun intended)

  • LisaLV711

    I think so. Yeah.

  • LisaLV711

    I thought you knew! IT won’t be back!! Hummm

  • LisaLV711

    Oh no you didn’t! Noooo…Ann, Ann…Ann… how could you let this get out. With no more Sarah Palin to rag on, I guess YOU’RE UP!

  • LisaLV711

    That’s next to be wired shut!

  • LisaLV

    That God for small favors! With any hope, maybe she’ll stay that way until 2012! At least!

  • devlzadvocate

    I thought her opinions were already coming out of her asshole.

  • devlzadvocate

    Was it painful? I hope, I hope, I hope.

  • hacene Haouas

    How sweet it is.

  • blabrmouth

    Maybe that’s why the Republicans lost??

  • tontocal

    It was probably because, as she’s becoming increasingly irrelevant, to console herself, she’s been binge eating like crazy and because she started to balloon out a bit, she had her jaw wired shut so she could maintain her anorexic frame.

  • Subroutine

    After eight years of swallowing everything republicans had to offer…..I’m not surprised.

  • AdmNaismith

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • ivyfree

    She’s still around?

  • tlsintx

    she’ll probably make the cover of WIRED

  • ernest tee

    Someone finally popped that bitch in the mouth.

  • Don Coyote

    Next to Rush Limbaugh becoming deaf due to his popping Hillbilly Heroin, this is the clearest example of karma in action in the modern world.

  • DeppFan

    Someone must’ve thrown a pie with an anvil baked in.
    And they didn’t miss this time.

  • CDS2


  • Lauren1959

    I may actually have to start believing in god after all!

  • Bordo

    Is there any way we can arrange for it to be welded shut? This screeeeechy crone is so over. I imagine the rightwing billionaires and their foundations–Olin, Coors, Scaife–will purchase enough of her upcoming anti-Obama screed to vault this mediocre hack onto the best-seller lists. But at a time when the nation is genuinely hopeful about a change in the White House, I sincerely hope her “book” languishes for a few days before it moves to the markdown table and, finally, the landfill.

  • Paco

    Amazing if Obama could do that he can do anything!!

  • This is the best news I’ve heard all week!

  • DKarma

    The wierd thing about coulter is that she does professionally exactly what sara palin did on the campaign trail.

    I wonder why coulter wasn’t supporting mccain considering their message (and delivery style) of division and bigotry are virtually identical.

  • lysias

    Very odd. Women on the Web says NY Post reported it was the result of a fall last month:

    The 46-year-old was forced to get her jaw wired shut after taking a nasty tumble last month, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

    Only if you follow the link to the NY Post piece, there’s nothing there about a fall.

    Was the NY Post reporting a fall earlier today, and has it now taken that detail down?

  • Butch1

    Now if there was only a way to suture her nose shut, I think we just might have something.

  • I’m sure we’ll still hear her opinions unless her ass was wired shut too.

  • mirth

    Next phase of feminizing plastic surgery?

  • CarolAl

    With all the economic bad news this year, now that’s some good news we can all be thankful for. There is a God!

  • James

    That’s CHEW BAD

  • Bostonian_Queer_in_Dallas

    Good. Now rewire her brain.

  • truth2008

    Hopefully, some one put a fist in her mouth, thank you jeebuz!

  • Lixfer

    Man, karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

    What’s that, Ann? You’ll have to speak up, I can’t hear you, dear!


  • draftmama

    Oh darn – someone slugged her. Not soon enough for such a dirty motor mouth.

  • Ixy

    It’s… schadenfreude. Making me feel glad I’m not you.
    I didn’t say it’s nice but everyone does it!
    Don’t you feel all warm and cozy watching people in the rain?
    Taking pleasure in their pain.

  • Indigo

    Gosh, poor thing. I hope it heals up in a couple of years or so.

  • mirth

    I’m guessing that Gorilla Glue was used for the repair.

  • QuakerLady

    Any chance that orthodontist used super glue?

  • empirecookie

    there is a god

  • woodroad34

    Jeez! How can you not comment on this? I don’t think I have the will needed to not say: “next time warm up the muscles before you strain the overworked jaw….or best yet duck when that fist comes at you”.

    Now I need a cold shower.

  • naschkatze

    Talk about poetic justice.

  • eladinmo

    [wiping Diet DP from monitor]


  • eladinmo

    Any reports on how her jaw was broken? Brick in a pie from an adoring fan? Personal assistant saw her weight inching up to 80 pounds? Voodoo dolls?

  • wmforr

    How about a permanent case of laryngitis for Sarah Baracuda?

  • Ann Coulter

    Munna mnaaa mnna numma numma naa NAAA NAA MAA! GAAAAAAH!

  • SkippyFlipjack

    I bet she broke it against the headboard of her bed.

  • Oh, the poor dear! I hope her foot wasn’t in her mouth when they wired it shut.

  • Bob

    Jawbone of an ass…

  • unrepentant_expat

    Some odd confirmations of a supreme being going down around here. Are you not referring to St. Schudenclaus?

  • Steve, you’re a genius.

    Who’s next? Rush? Laura Ingraham? I can’t wait!

  • HelenRainier

    Proof positive that there IS a God!

  • unrepentant_expat

    Pretzels anyone?

  • The Daily Show/Colbert Report will have fun with this story…….

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Santa.

    Now, could you do Limbaugh and those guys, too? Jess sayin’…

  • unrepentant_expat

    She still sucks; through a straw that is, but this old dog ain’t got no bark or bite.

  • Steve_in_CNJ

    karmic epicaricacy? best served cold.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    Suck on this Anne! Oh… guess you can’t suck on anything. *LMAO*

  • Is there a word for Karma and Schadenfreude all rolled into one?

  • ckerst

    That’s terrible…..BWAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!

  • ChrisM70

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

    My guess is once they un-muzzle her, she won’t stop yappin’ fer awhile.

  • gwpriester

    More than we could have hoped for!

  • Monitor_One

    OT, but an interesting article from the LA Times on KKK activity increasing after election.
    And the roaches come out of the wall….,0,7570102.story

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Super Glue could be fun.

  • curlytoes79

    haha. On a normal day, if she hiked up her skirt any higher, it would be a necklace.

  • Dave of the Jungle


  • unrepentant_expat
  • Joobers

    Hope the wire holds!

  • larry

    Like the tin man we can always hope that her mouth will rust shut and if anyone sees a Dorothy near by with an oil can, take her out.

  • MaudGonne

    Still meriting more attention that we deserve….

  • jebauer

    well now that’s MUCH better!

  • ginny

    did she get slugged in the face?

  • Gene

    Couldn’t they have used concrete?

  • Monitor_One

    It doesn’t say how she broke it! Curious. I did a google search and can’t find anything. She must have pissed off the wrong person and was too embarrassed to say who. Palin?

  • PatogTX

    Thank you Santa!!!

  • NYCRaf

    Is this why she’s been reduced to pushing shady Christianist investment scams on the Internets?

  • unrepentant_expat

    Tis the season for Schudenfreude-giving!

  • sisterfaith

    Pity that….

  • tbhull

    So what!

    Ann Coulter will appear on FOX News tonight, hike up her skirt and spew repub talking points out her ass and you will not notice any difference in her appearance or message.

  • unrepentant_expat

    That so, do you think he’s playing on our team this season?

  • MikeinSanJose


    Now if only she would break all her fingers so she couldn’t use a keyboard, the world would be a much happier place.

    Whatever happened with her voter fraud indictment? Maybe she was actually in prison and some big hefty bull-dyke “took care” of her…

  • mdg650hawk

    What, did something go wrong when they were shaving down her Adam’s Apple as part of her transformation?

  • Allen, eh?

    Irony… overload.

    Also, pre-emptive excuse for her book tanking. I’m suprised she hasn’t retroactively broken her jaw to explain her absence during the campaign.

  • Charles2

    There IS a Santa Claus!

  • Phil

    Proof positive that there is a God afterall.

  • Guest

    I agree, they are now irrelevant. They lost on November 4th too.

  • Pope Buck I

    So someone HAS been reading the Suggestion Box.

  • skeptic

    Who says there is no God!

  • Chris From Maine

    the less pictures I see of her the better.

  • mirth

    Ann Coulter is a man.

  • foxy

    Was she looking and trying out for a new act? Contortionist?

  • Adrian

    That’s code for “recovering from plastic surgery.”

  • foxy


  • Steve_in_CNJ

    or it got dislocated when GWB tried to pass a stone.

  • MontaniLliberi

    You don’t usually break your own jaw.
    Someone breaks it for you.

  • Griffon

    It’s confirmed..God’s back from his 8 year vacation.

  • unrepentant_expat

    She sucks so much; something had to give. Did her face exit though her asshole?

  • Steve_in_CNJ


    “Bestselling author and controversialist Ann Coulter plans to crash Obama’s inauguration party with her new work, GUILTY. Set for release first week of January, the book exposes and mocks, in graphic detail, the media’s love affair with all things Democrat and Obama. Coulter presents exhibits A through Z. ‘GUILTY is a much-needed reality check on a Left gone wild,’ declares the book’s jacket.”

    Coulter et al. used to BE the media. Now they are irrelevant (along with Drudge for that matter). Elections have consequences.

  • Boycottutah

    Hmmm. So many places to go with this one. I think I better not…..

  • foxy


  • vkobaya

    Broke her jaw? Or her jaw was broken?

  • Nosybear

    Any chance of making it permanent?

  • TomParmenter

    Let’s see some before and after pics of that adam’s apple.

  • Raoul Paste

    Now there’s karma for you.
    Will we have a Lee Atwater style repentance?

  • Michael Jones

    She’ll just transfer her rage to other media. Expect an epic trilogy on the evils of liberals in about a month. She can’t not vent – if she bottles up her hate too long, she’ll explode.

  • BCPipes

    Bar fight? I bet she won.

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