The climate of hate that McCain and Palin have created

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Someone directed me to this Craig’s List posting from yesterday, that’s now been taken down (I grabbed a screen capture before it was taken down). As David Gergen has warned, McCain/Palin rallies are “whipping around anger that could really lead to some violence.” McCain’s tactic of trying to whip up hatred of Obama, of not saying a word when his and Palin’s crowds call for Obama to be assassinated, is simply beyond bizarre. It’s inexplicable. How does fomenting death threats against Obama help McCain? Joe and I have tried to avoid this story for much of the week, but McCain and Palin have gone too far, now that their supporters are repeatedly talking about killing Obama. When does it stop? When does Senator McCain find the courage to make it stop? Or is that expecting too much of a man who increasingly appears to be a shell of his former self?

UPDATE: Here’s another one:

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