Palin wants to add gay-bashing language to the US Constitution

He’s 72. He’s had 4 bouts of serious cancer. He doesn’t look terribly well for his age. If he wins, it’s a pretty sure bet she’s going to be president. And she’s a blithering idiot. And now a bigot too. That’s the entirety of Sarah Palin’s complex world view, folks. Make women carry their rapist’s baby to term, and ban gays in the US Constitution. Beyond that, she’s a little fuzzy.

And another thing. It’s interesting that Palin thinks defending marriage should be a top priority for her administration. Putting aside the fact that John McCain is an admitted adulterer (no, we’re not talking about Vicky Iseman), why is Palin’s pregnant child now not getting married until after the birth, if at all? If we’re going to talk about the federal government intruding in our private lives to defend marriage, shouldn’t some of that defense begin at home?

And, as the NYT noted, Palin has her own mathematically curious pregancy/marriage issues that seem to fit a growing pattern of the McCain/Palin ticket being not-very-marriage-friendly in their own lives:

The Palins eloped on Aug. 29, 1988, and their first son, Track, was born eight months later, a fact that Maria Comella of the McCain campaign, declined to elaborate on. “They were high school sweethearts who got married and ended up having five beautiful children together,” Ms. Comella said.

(And let’s not even discuss the other rumors about Palin’s marriage.) Palin should stay out of other’s people private lives, or she’s asking for scrutiny of her own. Then again, she won’t give any interviews to any real reporters, so the media will probably continue to give her, and her hypocrisy, a pass.

Speaking of defending marriage: Show of hands, how many presidential candidates have not been married to two women at the same time? Not so fast, Senator McCain.

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