Obama won, hands down

Rob, Joe and I agree, there is no question that Obama won tonight. He was smart, measured, and presidential. He presented details when details were called for, and cut down McCain politely and devastatingly when the situation demanded (I’m beyond impressed with Obama’s ability to criticize McCain in a manner that doesn’t come across as negative). McCain was cranky and bitchy. He was wooden and uncomfortable. McCain was his vintage self – nasty, nasty, nasty. Calling Obama “that one”? That’s the most memorable line of the evening, and it was condescending, and I suspect some may find it racially tinged as well. The second most memorable was McCain mocking Joe Biden’s hair plugs. What? That’s just deranged, and it shows the depth of McCain’s inner anger. McCain is simply not a stable individual. He’s a very angry man, and he showed that tonight. Every time he tried going negative on Obama he did it in such a heavy handed way that it blew up on him. I was one who thought the first debate was a tie. This one Obama won, hands down. McCain needed to shake things up. He not only did NOT shake things up, he came off across as a nasty nasty man. Obama came across as our next president. McCain is 1998, Obama is 2008.

UPDATE from Joe: Well, my mother called. She said Obama won…and she was watching the post-debate chatter on CNN where even the Republican analysts think Obama won.

UPDATE: A number of people have noted that Obama and his wife are hanging out shaking hands, meeting the audience, while McCain basically ran of the stage and is gone. I’m watching live, Obama is still there. Where is McCain? wow, he must have been pissed.

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