McCain crowd boos mention of Tina Fey while Palin gets to do a comedy show on NBC when she won’t do a news show on NBC

NBC’s Tina Fey is now the enemy of the McCain crowds, too:

Usually it’s only the mention of Barack Obama or the national media that get boos at McCain rallies, but today it was Tina Fey.

McCain mentioned that his running mate was appearing on “Saturday Night Live” tonight, and a hearty boo came up from the crowd when McCain mentioned the cast member that impersonates Sarah Palin:

“As you know she’s going to be with Tina Fey, who I think is her twin sister,” McCain said to boos from the crowd. “I think they were separated at birth, but anyway, I know she’ll do a great job.”

Those people are really scary. Which leads us to an excellent point from Dan Savage:

Why didn’t NBC insist on Palin sitting down for a real, substantive interview—or, better still, calling a full press conference—as a condition of Palin appearing on SNL tonight? Candidates don’t go on Letterman, Leno, SNL, The Daily Show, et al, to take a break from the campaign trail. Comedy programs are stops on the campaign trail. Palin is running from the press, refusing to answer any questions, lying her ass off on the stump, and attacking the people who could call her on those lies—reporters, news anchors, cable news networks—at her rallies. So why the fuck should NBC allow Palin to reap the political rewards of an appearance on SNL if Palin isn’t willing (or able) to answer questions from NBC news reporters?

Don’t ever expect to see Palin on Meet the Press. She did do interviews with Gibson from ABC and Couric from CBS. I guess this counts as her NBC stop. And, it’s all NBC to us — we don’t delineate between the divisions.

One last thing: Dan admits he is going to watch Palin tonight. Let’s not forget, he really wanted to be Palin’s gay friend.

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