Help Betsy Markey defeat Marilyn Musgrave, one of the most hateful homophobes in the U.S. House

UPDATE: I’m bumping this post. This race is extremely competitive. Betsy Markey is on the verge of beating the House’s leading homophobe, Marilyn Musgrave. Markey is close to meeting her budget for TV buys. Let’s make sure she gets there. We’re on the road to one historic election, folks. If you can help, that would be great. Just click the thermometer below, then follow the instructions on how to donate. It’s easy, safe, and quick – 100% of your donation goes to the candidate. Thanks, JOHN

Goal ThermometerThis one is personal.

There are many reasons to support Betsy Markey. She’s a solid progressive who will vote right on the important issues.

But, the best reason to donate to Markey can be summed up in two words: Marilyn Musgrave.

Betsy Markey is poised to beat one of the worst, if not the worst, anti-gay right wing Republicans. So much can be written about Musgrave’s obsession with the gays. My “favorite” is this pronouncement in 2006:

Musgrave declared that gay marriage “is the most important issue that we face today.” She told the audience that when you’re in a cultural war like this, you have to respond with equal and hopefully greater force if you want to win,” and warned that the “future is grim” if gay marriage is not banned.

Yes, she did. Musgrave was the lead sponsor of the anti-gay constitutional amendment for several sessions and is on the bill again this year. One of the best lines ever about Musgrave comes from McJoan at DailyKos:

For those who haven’t been following her career, she’s as wingnutty as it gets.

According to Chris “The Fix” Cillizza: , Musgrave’s seat is the 8th most likely to switch parties this year:

8. Colorado’s 4th district (R): A quick look at Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s (R) career in Congress shows a candidate who vastly underperforms in a comfortably Republican seat. Democratic nominee Betsy Markey is the best candidate Musgrave has faced and, according to polling in the contest, leads the incumbent. Republicans believe an alleged conflict of interest on Markey’s part is a silver bullet but we remain skeptical. (Previous ranking: 12)

Help make this happen. Help defeat one of the worst homophobes in Congress. When Musgrave finally loses, you’ll really feel good about playing a role in her defeat.

Donate this week
and every contribution will be matched by a Democratic member of Congress. A t.v. ad in Markey’s district costs $345. Every time we raise $172.50, we’re putting an ad on the air to defeat Musgrave.

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