GOP blogger post-mortem

Jon Swift takes us on a tour of the best-of-the-worst of the Republican blogosphere, and their reporting on the campaign. I laughed out loud repeatedly. Please read it.

No matter what happens in this year’s election, the conservative blogosphere deserves to win a collective Pulitzer Prize for its election-year coverage. While the mainstream media has given Americans a very distorted picture of Barack Obama, portraying him as a thoughtful, intelligent, unflappable, decent family man who has the temperament and judgment to be President, the conservative blogosphere has been the only place where you can get the real story. Hampered by quaint, old-fashioned rules of journalism that require citing evidence and reputable sources, the mainstream media has failed to report a number of important stories about Obama and the conservative blogosphere has had to step up and do the media’s job for them. As a public service I have collected some of the most important of these stories in one place. Pulitzer Prize judges, take note!

Obama didn’t actually write Dreams of My Father. In fact, it was ghost-written by none other than Bill Ayers!

Jack Cashill at the aptly named American Thinker found it difficult to believe that Barack Obama, who is not one of the most articulate politicians around, could possibly have written a whole book all by himself. He must have had help. Probably from someone evil. So on a hunch Cashill decided to compare Obama’s book with a book written by Bill Ayers and lo and behold, he discovered some shocking similarities, including the use of nautical imagery and the fact that a very scientific test to determine the grade level of the prose was a match. This wasn’t the first story Cashill broke. Cashill also proved that Arab terrorists and not Eric Rudolph were responsible for the 1996 Olympics bombing in Atlanta and that the Clintons covered up the real cause of the death of Ron Brown and the downing of TWA Flight 800. Unfortunately, Cashill’s overwhelming evidence wasn’t enough to convince the mainstream media to report on his theories…

There is a tape of Michelle Obama with Louis Farrakhan talking about “whitey”

Larry Johnson of No Quarter used to be a liberal until the Democrats decided to nominate an unqualified African-American for President. In a last-ditch attempt to get Democrats to come to their senses, he revealed the existence of a secret videotape featuring Michelle Obama speaking to a group that included the wife of Louis Farrakhan and maybe even Farrakhan himself in which she confirms the most feverish nightmares of some white Americans by ranting about “whitey.” Johnson claimed that Republicans had a copy of this tape, which they were holding onto until October, when it would do the most damage. Although he didn’t actually see the tape himself, he had many friends and friends of friends who did see it. Stop the ACLU wrote, “This is all a rumor, but if you read Michelle’s college thesis on race you will find it is most likely true.” Macranger reported, “Too many insiders are talking about it to outright dismiss it.” Jim Geraghty of National Review’s The Corner initially believed the tape existed but later grew skeptical, writing, “I note that despite my readers’ hopes, this fits the pattern for rumors like this — they’re always simultaneously vague but hyped to be huge, and they’re always coming just around the corner.” Killjoy. If Johnson is right, and there is no reason to doubt him, we should be seeing that tape any day now. But you might want to send him a note and remind him that there are only two more weeks left in October so they better release that tape quick.

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  • Rainlion

    I hope you’re wrong, but so far if that’s the tactic – it isn’t working. It’ll take something totally outrageous to garner the effect you describe. I think most groups and people are going to be vigilant not to be pushed into an over-reaction, etc. and “play into their hands”. On the contrary, I think whipping the McCain/Palin faithful into a frenzy, incidents like Todd’s, etc. are just going to do more harm for McCain’s efforts than good – it reveals how crazy and desperate they’ve become

  • Rainlion

    Larry’s backed off the “blockbuster whitey tape” routine, and now seems to be putting all his eggs in the Commie, pinko terrorist sympathizer basket. Though the other day at NoQuarter they were all worked up over Ashley Todd’s Hoax… ready to proclaim a righteous race war, etc.

    It’s pretty sad to see. But not as sad as it is freakin’ hilarious to observe the deep seated delusions playing out.

  • kajc

    You won’t believe how many idiots believe this type of shit! I belong to an online selling site (not ebay, as they suck ass), and they have a forum. Most all online sellers, or at least all of the ones that talk about politics on the forums are total right wing nutjobs for some reason. (I am not stupid enough to talk politics there as I want to, oh I don’t know, SELL THINGS!)

    Anyway the current lie they are talking about, beside Obama being a total socialist, is that Obama went to Hawaii NOT to visit his sick grandmother, but to iron out problems with his fake birth certificate. Then, when he gets into office they will quickly change that law where you have to be born here to be President before the REAL story gets out.

    Oh, and they also think that other countries are making the world economy tank on purpose just so Obama will be elected.

    Seriously…. I have to fight myself from responding to their utter stupidity. Thanks for letting me vent!

  • You do get that the article is satire. He’s one of us writing about how fucked up the conservative blogs are. He’s not criticizing Obama. It’s actually rather brilliant writing.

  • Why must they CONTINUOUSLY give her the ability to drop hockey pucks? She isn’t our Vice President – she is the nominee. She can drop all the hockey pucks she wants after the election. Until then I’m sick of the bazillionaire sports industry trying to protect their tax cuts by shoving Palin down everyone’s throats!

  • That is why I choose to read progressive bloggers. I find them more truthful and englightened.

  • vkobaya

    Yo ho ho! Ha ha ha! Very, very funny stuff! Of course, the sad thing is it isn’t intended to be funny but angry, hateful, bitter, and bigoted. Reality is they are also completely disconnected from reality as in straight jacket, steel frame restraints, heavily doped on psychotropic drugs. No wonder Reagan released all the inmates from the mental hospitals. There are core base of the Republican party. Yeah, would be funny if such insanity weren’t tragic.

    distorted picture of Barack Obama, portraying him as a thoughtful, intelligent, unflappable, decent family man who has the temperament and judgment to be President, the conservative blogosphere has been the only place where you can get the real story.

    I’m sure that, of course, McCain embodies all these traits that Obama lacks. Yes, McCain has that one trait that they find essential. {sigh!} Though, have to think that Sarah Palin embodies the other one, stupidity and if McCain doesn’t quickly make room for Palin’s ascension to that highest office, they will help him along in their eagerness to have Palin’s “leadership.”

    Obama, who is not one of the most articulate politicians around, could possibly have written a whole book all by himself.

    I wonder what he considers articulate. Perhaps Sarah Palin, Bush, Dan Quayle, maybe thinks Kim Song Ill has outstanding command of the English language, is the leading scholar and master of spoken English. Then again, they consider “Goo goo, da da!” to be the greats lines ever spoken in the English language.

    until the Democrats decided to nominate an unqualified African-American for President.

    The qualifier, “African-American” says it all. N—–, N—–, N—–, N—–, N—–, N—– …

    he confirms the most feverish nightmares of some white Americans by ranting about “whitey.”

    Sheeze! Really pathetic! this is 2008, soon to be 2009. It is not 15,000 BC when Neanderthals were still the dominate species, though maybe these bigots belong, 350,000 years ago living among the Australopithecines, robustus at that and not pithecanthropus. 50 years ago when I was growing up in South Central Los Angeles, we were dismayed by the bigotry and racism of our white teachers but given that was followed by the Civil Rights Movement, would never have believed that such pathetic, atavistic, knuckle-dragging attitudes could persist 50 years later.

    These people really don’t deserve the intelligence, decency, fair-mindedness and lack of hatred that is Obama and his wife. They deserve the catastrophic horror that McCain/Palin would bring. I’m not as unprejudiced, and forgiving as Obama. Yes, I almost wish they could have their wishes. Only regret wishing such barbarism on the rest of us.

  • LunaStick

    Yuck is right.

    The way I see it though, her name is still going to be associated with the guy getting hurt. It wasn’t her fault I guess but it is just another in a long stream of bad news surrounding her. Couldn’t happen to nicer twit.

  • houstonray

    Didn’t see that you had posted that article a few minutes before I did. Did you read though that the injured guy said he had no hard feelings and “She’s been pretty good for our game,” Legace said. “I’m starting to like her more and more. No grudge.”


  • FunMe

    OT: Apple gives $100,000 to NO on 8!

    Still lots of work to do here in CA.

  • LunaStick

    Don’t know yet how she was recieved. Here’s the story on the player getting hurt:

    I imagine she’ll get it from the local sports writers though.

  • sukabi1
  • houstonray

    OT: Did anyone know that Palin was dropping ANOTHER puck at a hockey game??? I just saw this article on yahoo news…

    Anyone find any video to see if she was booed again this time??

  • Coming Undone

    I also still think that the purpose of all of this race baiting by McCain/Palin is to get Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton and the NAACP out making speeches and marches. McCain is looking for either a reaction or over-reaction from the black community. These incidents have just been pushes but McCain is getting ready to shove.

  • LunaStick

    Poor Sarah Palin, everything she touches turns to shit:

    ESPN is reporting that a star player of a St. Louis hockey team was injured tonight after tripping on a carpet that was laid out on the ice. Why was the carpet on the ice? Why for Sarah Palin!

    Missouri is gonna go blue now :)

  • ProgressiveTroll

    When can we stop calling them the “Christian right”? They are neither Christian or right. My nine year pointed that out to me earlier.

  • Coming Undone

    • Palin testifies to investigator in ethics dispute
    • Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story
    • Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama

    These are the top three stories on Yahoo.

    Not good for McCain/Palin

  • blackwolf

    Amazing isn’t it? There’s a break from reality in a lot of things the Republicans key in on. This is a perfect example of the politics of fear.

  • An_American_Karol

    And then there is this from “Focus on the Family” the bastion of moral hyperbole and delusion.
    “Terrorist strikes on four American cities. Russia rolling into Eastern Europe. Israel hit by a nuclear bomb. Gay marriage in every state. The end of the Boy Scouts. All are plausible scenarios if Democrat Barack Obama is elected president, according to a new addition to the campaign conversation called “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America,” produced by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family Action.”

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