Dumbest political ad ever

Just saw this McCain ad over at Nate Silver’s site:

Putting aside the obvious come-back this ad invites (tell Senator McCain it’s not 1938), what are people supposed to take away from this bizarre ad? I thought it was an Obama ad. Then I looked more closely and realized McCain is trying to play off of his line at the debate about not being George Bush (if he’s not George Bush, then why does he talk about him so much?). That’s the “joke” – it’s not 2004, Bush isn’t running for president this time.

But the problem is, all most people see is a big blue square and the words “Senator Obama” – and then they coo warmly, thinking of our next president. And if they bother to actually read the ad, they learn that it’s not 2004, which they already knew, and that they’re supposed to tell Senator Obama that it’s not 2004, which is kind of an embarrassingly stupid thing to ask us to do, since we all pretty much assume that Obama isn’t senile. Then, naturally, you start wondering if John McCain knows what year it is and whether that’s why he think it’s newsworthy to run an ad telling you what year it is (or what year it’s not). Considering most people don’t click through ads (probably 99% don’t), the take-away from the McCain ad is:

1. Go Obama.
2. It’s not 2004. (Is thing going to be part of a series? “Tell Senator Obama it’s not 1492!”)
3. Please tell Senator Obama what year it isn’t.

And John McCain wonders why he’s losing.

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9 Responses to “Dumbest political ad ever”

  1. Crablaw says:

    Dear heaven it even uses the Obama logo in the ad. And it says “this isn’t 2004”? Of course it isn’t; the Republicans are going to get mass-murdered at the polls the way we SHOULD have done it then.

    It’s kind of like Apollo Creed getting in Rocky’s face and saying, “this isn’t Rocky I, byatch!”

  2. jescot says:

    The 2004 line is so stupid for many reasons but the one no one has pointed out is that if McCain is such a Maverick why did he not run in 2004?

  3. GreyFoxThree says:

    McBush is clearly showing signs of desperation.. God help us all if he wins next month.


  4. apgroner says:

    Sue him? He should THANK him for the free advertising! Like a big fat Obama yard sign, the McCain campaign just plastered the Obama-blue color and logo up, reinforcing the brand. Most of what we register is the visual, not the convoluted “message”. It’s a classic ad-gaffe.

  5. misterblur says:

    Tell Senator Obama It’s not 2004?? I don’t get it.What does this mean?

  6. Bostonian_Queer_in_Dallas says:

    I wonder if the rising sun flag logo is trademarked. If it is, Obama should sue him.

  7. leo from chicago says:

    Pretty much the whole approach of the GOP has been copy-cat this cycle.

    In Illinois, the ILGOP is actually running on the theme of “Change for Illinois” :

    I wonder where they got that.

  8. themanofthecrowd says:

    Of course, McCain probably makes more money from inattentive, would-be Obama contributors than his own contributors at this point, so maybe it’s not such a dumb ad…

    Also, what’s up with McCain ads that point to his compliance fund? Isn’t that the legal fund he’s been abusing lately? Kinda strange to be running ads for a legal fund at this point. Sloate has something kinda old on it:

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