Did McCain acknowledge that he lost?

Very weird video (below) from Josh Marshall over at TPM. Yesterday, McCain was forced to tell his own supporters to STFU after a week of inciting them to yell death threats about Barack Obama. Reader MG asks if the Secret Service had a little talk with McCain, and perhaps that’s why he’s suddenly so down on assassination talk. I wouldn’t be surprised. Something happened. And McCain clearly isn’t happy about it.

Don’t get me wrong, McCain couldn’t care less if his supporters are urging that Obama be killed – remember, just yesterday the McCain campaign put out two – TWO – statements defending the assassination talk. (And, as Josh notes, McCain’s Obama-isn’t-like-you-and-me commercials are still running, and still inciting racial and ethnic hatred.) McCain looks like a beaten man, especially when he says that you don’t have to be scared of Obama as president of the United States. That sounded to me like a Freudian concession speech.


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