Crazy Michelle Bachmann’s hate-filled comments, which she now denies, resulted in over $620,000 in contributions to her opponent

Almost nothing spewed from a Republican surprises me, but even I was stunned watching Rep. Michelle Bachmann on Hardball Friday night. She was particularly venomous and just off-the-wall. Like many other progressive bloggers, we did a post and included video.

Today, as John noted below, Colin Powell cited Bachmann’s comments as one reason he supported Obama.

So, Bachmann’s craziness did some real damage because, there’s also this,:

An official with Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg’s campaign says the 6th District DFLer raised $620 thousand since GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann made her comments on Friday.

When I first linked to Tinklenberg’s ActBlue page Friday afternoon, his total raised was under $4,000. As I write this, he’s raised over $265,000 on ActBlue alone. Oh, but now, courtesy of Jed, we learn Bachmann says she didn’t say what she said — even though she said it repeatedly on national t.v.:


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