Betty White on Palin and Obama

She’s still Sue Ann Nivens.

(via Ben)

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  • Kerd

    Betty is senile and it shows. Obozo is the screw-up!

  • Guest

    I didn’t write this.
    Disqus is confused.

  • doc

    Are you still as clueless? Hopefully by now you know how naive you were. Who is one crazy bitch now???? Good luck with the health care reform!

  • TXfemmom

    This was hysterical and I am glad I saw it. On a very bad day for me and the country, it gave me a great laugh.

    I can’t imagine anyone, even someone of Betty’s age, saying McCain lights their candle.

  • tomtallis

    Betty is a national treasure.

  • gumbygirl

    She has always been one red hot mama! My husband found a naked picture of her( she posed for Playboy, or a calendar or something when she was young) and he has never gotten over it-he’s a little weird! But I LOVE her!

  • LawMichigander

    I love Betty White

  • BarrieT

    BBC reporting that Palin has been found guilty of abuse of power

  • ShirleyGoodnessanMercy

    Betty White needs to be declared Queen of the Universe

  • AngelaChanning

    Oh. My. God. I just adore Betty White. Thanks for the much needed laugh.

  • darien

    Thanks Webster. :-D

  • scottinsf

    Considering Betty White’s long-time advocacy for animals, I’ve got to think she was appalled by the helicopter wolf hunting Palin enjoys so much and waited until she had a national audience to spring that zinger in such a stinging but hilarious way.

    She’s wonderful.

  • BarrieT

    Palin shoots down the carrier pigeons. She likes blowing away moose limbs, too.

  • Ruttle

    I loved Sue Ann Nivens – MTM was such a good show.

  • scottinsf

    You got it. It was one of the only game shows on after school.

  • HereinDC

    4:00pm EST. Watch as a kid too !

  • shrrrr

    BREAKING! Troopergate is about ready to break wide open. Maybe?

  • scottinsf

    Love Betty White! Never got into the MTM show but loved her on Matchgame when I was young. Her and Charles Nelson Reily.

    Funny lady!

  • Guest

    Bless her heart. I had a good laugh when she called Palin one crazy bitch.

    And I bet she could still give Barack plenty of valuable experience.

  • Whore away. That was funny–particularly the last zing.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    It’s pretty bad when someone a good fifteen years older than you are is calling you out of touch.

  • grandma

    Oh man…..funny….she is great!

  • HereinDC

    She has great timing…a true commedian.

  • Sage24

    I love this lady, and her great sense of humor.

  • PeteWa

    Oh man, I forgot how much I love Betty White.
    Thanks for posting, John!

  • martha

    My Mom is 84. She is foggy some days, but not about this election. She lived thru the depression, WWII, marched for civil rights (with me and my sisters and brothers in tow) and spoke out againt Viet Nam. Betty White is a patriot and so is my mother.

  • darien

    My Sarah Palin remix. I linked to it yesterday, but here it is again, in case anyone missed it. Shameless, I know… but I’m an attention whore.

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    Sarah Palin = Sue Ann Nivens.
    John McCain = Rose Nylund.

  • HereinDC

    I hope Betty is around for another 80 years.

    (fingers crossed) she is welcome to stay with me Jan. 20th 2009 here in DC. :)

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