What is Disney’s involvement with the gay-hating marriage ban in California?

It’s a small hateful world, after all.

I received an email from a source I trust, and it’s allegedly an update from the gay-haters in California (who are trying to nullify the marriages of thousands of gay families in California), notifying them that their anti-gay signs won’t be ready for a few weeks because they’re still coming from China. Putting aside the irony of the gay-haters outsourcing their hate to a place that has one of the worst human rights records on the planet, what really got my interest was why an official Disney.com email account appears to be coordinating the gay-bashers’ activities in California.

I’m going to delete the name of the person involved – we’ll just call her by her initials, GD – as there’s been enough hate to go around, but if someone from Disney (or any enterprising journalists out there) would like to investigate why Disney appears to be donating its corporate resources to spearhead gay-bashing legislation, feel free to give me a holler and I’ll be happy to let you know who the alleged employee is. This is a real downer, if you get my drift:

From: G.D. @disney.com
Subject: Prop 8 Yard Signs
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 10:52 AM


The YES on Prop 8 yard signs have been delayed in route from China. We expect to distribute them within the next two weeks. I will email you as soon as they arrive so we can make sure you have one immediately. In the interim, please continue to take note of any friends or family who would like one as well.

If any of you would like to make calls, please email me and I will arrange a training session in Burbank and provide you with all the necessary materials.

Thanks so much,

G. D.

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