Tonight’s Palin Expectations

Well, the Republicans have set the standard for Palin’s performance tonight. On MSNBC earlier today, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman had the GOP talking points:

She’s going to stand up on that stage and hit it out of the ballpark. … Tonight she’s going to prove she’s a world class performer.

If your party standard of “world class” is record deficits, stagflation, Osama bin Laden still out and about, no WMD in Iraq, Abu Ghraib, illegal wiretapping, Katrina, etc. I guess Sarah Palin really is as ready to screw up America as George Bush did. No wonder the Republicans are satisfied with Palin.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I’ll add that Sarah Palin, by all accounts, is a great speaker and good debater. She’ll probably be great tonight – after all, she worked on camera on the evening news in a previous life. She knows TV, she’ll probably recite an excellently written speech that she had no input on whatsoever. So that makes her a good actor. It doesn’t change any of the nasty revelations of the past 5 days.

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