Swollen, lisping McCain appears on ABC’s THIS WEEK

Remember, the reason we are forced to speculate about John McCain’s health is because John McCain refuses to release his medical records. McCain let a few journalists review his records for 3 hours, that’s it. They couldn’t make copies, they had to leave everything behind. They got about 5 seconds to review each of other 1000 pages, then they had to move on to the next page. It’s patently absurd. But that’s where we are, due to John McCain’s own choice in hiding his medical records. Thus, we are forced to speculate whether our potential next president is sick or dying.

McCain looks horrible. Something is wrong with him. I’m watching McCain be interviewed by Stephanopoulos, and in addition to being even more comatose than usual, McCain’s bottom lip looks swollen, his top lip doesn’t even move, and he sounds like he’s lisping a bit now (his “s” is whistling). Watch it. His mouth is swollen, and I’m not talking about his swollen left cheek from the cancer surgery. I wish they would tell us what is going on with McCain’s health. Any readers have any expertise in this – is it botox, a mixture of that and some ailment, or what? This brings me to mind McCain’s other odd health issue, his left eye and its out of synch blinking.

Oh, and McCain just told Stephanopoulos that he hates how members of Congress are forced to vote for huge bills that are generally good bills, even though individual members may add bad pieces of pork to the bill. He said that even he would probably be forced to vote for a good bill even if it had some objectionable pork in it. Funny, then, that McCain criticized Obama for voting for the Highway Bill even though it contained the Bridge to Nowhere in it. And in fact, McCain voted against the bill, so why now is he saying that he’d probably vote for legislation, good legislation (like the highway bill), that included some extraneous pork?

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