Senior McCain staffer doing campaign event at 11am

It’s not a suspension of your campaign when you continue to do everything you already had planned for that day. Yesterday, McCain continued to meet with Her Royal Highness Lady de Rothschild and Sir Bono the Good, then this morning, rather than returning to DC to work on the crisis, McCain continued his campaign schedule in NYC sucking up to Clinton voters at Bill Clinton’s global initiative. Mind you, while McCain keeps to his schedule in NYC sucking up to Clinton voters, the actual meeting with Republicans about the economic bailout plan is taking place in Washington – McCain won’t be there, just like he wasn’t there for pretty much any important vote this year (it’s true, he can’t multi-task). Then at 11am, McCain’s senior economics advisor is busy doing a campaign event with the uber-conservative Washington Times (she’s not there as a private citizen). It isn’t a suspension of your campaign when you continue to do everything you were going to do anyway.

By the way, isn’t that Her Royal Highness Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild to the right?

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