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Joe @ 11:11 PM: No, John McCain, we don’t think you made the right choice. Are you kidding? How many people in that hall think they’re much better qualified than Palin? Hundreds, I bet.

Rob @ 11:09 PM: Well, even if someone wanted to elect “a great man President of the United States” I have a hard time imagining they’ll be willing to trust Sarah Palin with being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

John @ 11:08 PM: Someone wrote her some good lines, but what did she tell us that explains one qualification she has, or that cleared up any of the 100 horror stories we’ve read about her in the past five days?

Rob @ 11:06 PM: I’ve yet to hear anything in this speech that indicates that Sarah Palin is ready to be the Vice President of the United States. Plain and simple, this person is not ready for this job.

Joe @ 11:04 PM: Thanks for telling the world that Harry Reid can’t stand John McCain, Sarah. That’s one reason we love Harry Reid. (p.s. You might want to talk to John McCain’s GOP Senate colleagues. They can’t stand him. They really hate him. His temper scares them. You’ll find that out soon enough, no doubt.)

Joe @ 11:03 PM: This must be so hard for Romney and Pawlenty and Lieberman to watch. They all thought this would be their speech…hell, they probably even rehearsed it. And now, it’s being delivered by someone who doesn’t even know half the things in the speech.

Rob @ 11:01 PM: Not ready for prime time really applies here.

Joe @ 10:57 PM: Palin is playing to that crowd inside the arena. She is bashing her opponent with all kinds of inside jokes. Not sure how it will play outside the arena.

John @ 10:54 PM: In many ways she’s another Cheney, totally tied in to the energy industry and oil industry. She won’t get us off oil.

Rob @ 10:52 PM: She’s talking about vetoes?? She vetoed — personally vetoed — funding for unwed mothers.

Joe @ 10:50 PM: Wow. She believes her own spin. She came to office promising to support the “Bridge to Nowhere” — now she opposes it. She stood there and said she opposed it…she lied…she supported it…check out this picture….And, no worries about the jet, maybe she can use the McCain’s private jet.

Joe @ 10:46 PM: Perfunctory media bashing. Remember when, like just two weeks ago, the media was John McCain’s base. And, they’re saying you’re not qualified, because YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED.

John @ 10:44 PM: San Francisco? Gay-baiting from the GOP, it is 1984 all over again.

Rob @ 10:42 PM: Wow. This person is going to sit across the table from Vladimir Putin, former KGB?

John @ 10:41 PM: She thinks she’s Harry Truman?

Joe @ 10:38 PM: Yes, we believe Todd is a story all by himself…and I think we’ll be hearing more stories about Todd. And, what’s up with that background of rotating pictures. It’s disorienting.

John @ 10:36 PM: She just lied. Her son is not being deploiyed on September 11th — and if he were, it’s crime to tell anyone. See this post from Jon Soltz from

Rob @ 10:35 PM: I was promised that she would knock it out of the park. This isn’t that.

John, Rob and I will all be weighing in during the speech. Rudy, who sounded really crazy in a Pat Buchanan way, went way over so the GOP had to cut the video introduction.

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