Palin budget cut money for rape exams

But we’re to believe that she knew nothing about it. Nor did she know when her police chief did interviews with the local paper defending charging rape victims for their own forensic exams. Yeah, uh huh, Sarah Palin didn’t even read her own local paper, and no one told her that the state was getting ready to pass legislation forcing her to stop charging rape victims for their own exams. Uh huh. So was Sarah Palin a hands-on leader or wasn’t she? Not to mention, somehow the budget for these rape kits got cut when Palin came to office – the city paid for the rape exams before:

Before Palin came to City Hall, the Wasilla Police Department paid for rape kits out of a fund for miscellaneous costs, according to the police chief who preceded Fannon and was fired by Palin. That budget line was cut by more than half during Palin’s tenure, but it did not specifically mention rape exams.

Where are the women’s groups on this? I’m happy to push this issue, and have been, but wouldn’t it be neat if a multi-million dollar organization whose mission is supposedly to care about women deigned to actually do something about this? I mean, how many times does this story have to pop up in the news before the women’s groups get it? Where are the ads? Where are the press conferences? Where are the demonstrations? We progressives really are pretty pathetic as a movement. Or at least our leaders are.

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