Our interview with actress and writer Carrie Fisher

I learned tonight that even after a good shower, glitter simply doesn’t come off until it wants to come off.

Tonight, Joe and I went by the Lincoln Theater here in DC to do a quick interview with actress and writer Carrie Fisher (daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Princess Leia of the original star wars, etc.) AMERICAblog reader Daniel, who is traveling with Carrie and working on the show, graciously invited us to see her show “Wishful Drinking” the other night – it was great, highly recommend it – and afterwards he asked if we wanted to meet Carrie. Uh yeah. So we went back to her dressing room for about 10 minutes and she was a riot (here’s our report on that little rendez-vous from a few days ago). As she’d just finished the show for that evening, Daniel said we were welcome to come back for an interview on camera later in the week – that was tonight.

Joe and I arrived at 630, and hung out in the parking lot behind the theater with Daniel. Carrie arrived, proceeded to rub glitter all over our faces, then dumped a handful on my hair, and went inside. A few minutes later we were ushered in. Carrie immediately proceeded to rub more glitter on Joe’s face and mine.

(Carrie Fisher rubbing glitter on Joe’s face, and the aftermath – click for larger versions.)

While she was doing up Joe, I started the camera rolling. It was interesting. She was much more serious once we got her on camera than she was after the show the other night. I suspect she was pretty jazzed after the show, we’d had a good audience, and you never know, she may have thought this was a serious political interview (ha!). But still, Joe was able to tweak the story out of her of how she learned that George Bush, our current president, has a very special skill. He can fart on command, and does.

Towards the end of the interview, she signaled that she was going to say something we’d told her she probably shouldn’t say on camera. But she did it anyway. I had to cut it. Maybe I’ll share the video after the election – maybe. Right now, not so safe (trust me, really wasn’t worth the firestorm it might have created :-) But she had us cracking up. Anyway, here’s the interview, below. It was interesting to see how much she was up on the details of the election, not being a DC type. Oh, and I don’t expect these interviews to be earth-shattering or anything. They’re more meant as just a bit of fun, and a taste of our life in DC, crazy it as sometimes is. So take it in that spirit.


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