McCain: Only sexists don’t like Sarah Palin

UPDATE: McCain’s own campaign co-chair says she doesn’t think it’s sexism at all. Oops.

Yes, the Republican party. Great defender of the oppressed. Promoter of equal rights. Standard-bearer of the right of women. Now claiming that the only reason anyone in the media or the public is concerned about Sarah Palin is because she’s a woman. Almost brings a tear to my eye how much they care.

McCain is desperate to change the conversation. First it was complaining about those crazy bloggers. Then the rude media that just wouldn’t stop talking about “the pregnancy” (ignore the fact that McCain leaked news about the pregnancy to Reuters). Then it was sexism. Then it was a few other things I can’t recall, and now we’re back to sexism again.

Yes. The only reason anyone has a problem with Sarah Palin is because she’s a woman. We’d be tickled pink if an uber-conservative man, who wanted to ban all abortions (unless the mother were going to die), who lied about her foreign policy experience (duty-free shopping in Ireland, anyone?), who was under investigation in her own state for corruption, whose husband was a tad sketchy, who courted an anti-American political party for votes, whose church invites anti-Semitic speakers who think terrorist attacks against Israel are God’s revenge on the Jews for not turning Christian (and whose church seems to hink you can “cure” gays), who wants to ban books, who sought and received the most legislative pork of any governor, who lied about her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere (she supported it), who thinks the Iraq War is God’s will, whose church’s preacher suggested that if you vote for John Kerry you might not go to heaven, who seems to have fired a trooper because he was married to her sister, who doesn’t even know what the vice president of the United States does – yes, we’d be silent if a guy were nominated who had done all of that.

Is it sexist as well to think that John McCain must have lost his marbles to pick someone so unqualified with practically no vetting whatsoever?

No, Mr. McCain. Sexism is when you attacked Chelsea Clinton as a teenager.

“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Sexism is cracking jokes about women being raped, and liking it.


So please, let’s do have a discussion of John McCain’s record with women. John McCain is 72 years old and has had four bouts of cancer. There is a very real possibility that if John McCain is elected president, Sarah Palin will become president some time in the next four years. Sarah Palin is unfit to govern America in a time of war, and John McCain’s recklessness in picking Sarah Palin won’t be glossed over by the Republican party’s sudden discovery that women suffer prejudice. You’re a bit late to the parade, boys.

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