In a crisis, we saw the stark difference between Barack Obama and John McCain

In an earlier post, a reader compared the styles of Obama and McCain when addressing the massive economic crisis earlier today:

I think it is extremely telling to read Obama’s remarks (and, notably, answers to questions) in Florida today and then to read McCain’s in Wisconsin. For one thing, as Obama said elsewhere on the stump, McCain can only propose attacking Obama as a solution to our problems. For another, McCain’s all over the map with a hodge-podge and rehash of previous and loopy proposals, most of which are bandaids and doctor’s office lollipops on a seriously bleeding artery.

That seems to be the consensus. Having watched both speeches myself, there really was a sharp contrast between the angry accusatory tone of McCain and the steady, measured message from Obama. Several political reporters picked up on the fact that McCain’s economic plan was basically an attack on Obama.

Jed also analyzed
the differences and put it on video, with this very astute description:

One the one hand, in Barack Obama we’ve got a statesman who wants to work together to get things done for all Americans. On the other hand, in John McCain we’ve got a yipping little dog (apologies to canine lovers everywhere) who will tear anything down to get ahead.


Starkly different styles. Does anyone feel comfortable putting that John McCain in charge of the economy? Or anything for that matter.

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