GOP: Palin has seen the light on earmarks, no word on windfall taxes for Big Oil

Uh huh, sure. So she was for pork before she was against pork? After a whopping two years? Gosh, how could we not gobble up that line in light of the other scandals tied to the Governor of Alaska?

Leaders of the congressional Republican campaign against parochial pet projects in spending bills joined the party’s aggressive campaign to promote the vice-presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin on Wednesday, labelling the Alaska governor a “reformed earmarker,” who could be trusted to help trim wasteful spending from federal budgets.

“When it comes to earmarks, McCain-Palin is a reformer’s dream and a pork-barreler’s nightmare,” Rep. Jeb Hansarling of Texas said at a hastily-arranged news conference.

“There’s one person in this race who’s actually vetoed earmarks, and her name is Gov. Sarah Palin,” said Hensarling, who chairs the Republican Study Commission, a group of fiscally conservative House members.

Are they saying John McCain is a proponent of earmarks? Of course, I also was stuck on the “group of fiscally conservative House members” line because I must have missed that group during the GOP control of the House. Obviously not a very popular group. What they also surprisingly missed is the fact that she raised taxes on business in Alaska by $1.5 billion and instituted a windfall profits tax on Big Oil, just like Obama has suggested. Palin’s windfall profit tax on big oil collected a total of $6 billion in its first year. So is the “fiscally conservative” group now supporting windfall profit taxes on Big Oil? Help. I’m so confused.

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