Get off my lawn!

Whether McCain did or didn’t mutter “horseshit!” twice during his debate with Obama, he sure did mutter a lot. Think about that: During the first presidential debate, when the eyes of the world were watching, McCain was muttering under his breath. That’s not normal. It’s erratic.

Someone needs to take some anger management classes. (I will not say trollop, I will not say trollop, I will not say trollop…) More on the exchange here If McCain hasn’t addressed his raging temper by the time he is 72 years old, it’s not going to happen. It hardly looks presidential as McCain loses his composure during a simple debate. How will he guide America in dangerous situations if he’s unable to control his temper in such a friendly and important setting?

In 2000, the pundits went crazy when Al Gore sighed. We should as much furor over McCain’s mutterings.

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