Did Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email get hacked?

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. They actually hacked Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account. Wow.

UPDATE: Since the images of the alleged Palin emails were taken down, I’m posting one that I copied (before it was removed) as a sample. You can see what appears to be the discussion of work on this personal account. Again, I have no idea if this is real or if this is a hoax. But it’s out there, so it is news either way. Best way to find the truth is to expose this to sunlight and let the experts have a look.

UPDATE 1:05 PM: The page has now been taken down. Jokes don’t usually get taken down.

UPDATE 1PM: More evidence to suggest this might be real. Including the claim that they have more emails they haven’t released yet.

Could be a hoax, could be real. Important enough to ask you guys, especially any hacking experts, to look into it and decide for yourselves.

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