Did Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email get hacked?

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. They actually hacked Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account. Wow.

UPDATE: Since the images of the alleged Palin emails were taken down, I’m posting one that I copied (before it was removed) as a sample. You can see what appears to be the discussion of work on this personal account. Again, I have no idea if this is real or if this is a hoax. But it’s out there, so it is news either way. Best way to find the truth is to expose this to sunlight and let the experts have a look.

UPDATE 1:05 PM: The page has now been taken down. Jokes don’t usually get taken down.

UPDATE 1PM: More evidence to suggest this might be real. Including the claim that they have more emails they haven’t released yet.

Could be a hoax, could be real. Important enough to ask you guys, especially any hacking experts, to look into it and decide for yourselves.

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  • sisterfaith

    Terrific! You are so right!

  • sisterfaith

    using yahoo…..or any other similar type email for confidential…..government business shows a complete lack of judgement……’course it isn’t part of the “official” record…….

    We keeping hear how “smart” this woman is…..but somehow her choice of religion and this kind of crap raises questions…….or confirms one’s opinions of her “readiness”

  • ydthin

    gawker is creeping me out alot lately. I heard that Murdoch wanted to buy it but boy king turned them down but he always has some right leaning story posted at the top…plus they own defamer which has got to be a righty rag…

  • ydthin

    Or Poland?

    Or Ashe?

  • ydthin

    well, sometimes on the political blogosphere it’s easy to forget that most of the U.S. doesn’t think in partisan terms. They actually should, but they don’t. That is why the republicans have to whore out that false ideology about ‘pro-life’ and stuff, because people don’t even get it. If Obama’s people feel he needs to condemn this then he will. Because it’s probably more likely that this was done by anarchists or some similar group.

  • ydthin


    interesting thought. :)

  • ydthin

    “This is a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these emails will destroy them. We will have no further comment.”

    A shocking invasion???

    One million Iraqis dead, five million Iraq children orphaned, thousands of American soldiers dead, tens of thousands maimed, an entire country’s infrastructure destroyed, and five years later still costing us to the tune of $250 million dollars a month.

    Some body hand that Nazi bootlicking bitty a hanky.

  • RenoAnne

    The moron probably had ‘hockey mom’ as her password.

  • devlzadvocate

    Hell, I don’t really WANT to see him either. The point is that should be what any real American President worth his salt would do. It might show that whatever he has where a heart should be feels something for “the people”, even if fakin’ it.

  • If I were FOX, I wouldn’t want to piss these guys off.

  • whomod

    You’d think that John McCain would have protected her from this egregious invasion of privacy, he being the inventor of the Blackberry after all.

  • Joneses

    I just don’t trust the GOP. They could have promoted this as a hack and inturn say that the Troopergate case is tainted and therefore the case must be dismissed. If not, another theory, the GOP find that Troopergate will tarnish McCain, and therefore, Palin steps down as v.p.

    I hope I am wrong, but again, at this time, I just do not trust their evil ways.

  • beltman713

    When the story came out that she used webmail instead of official email to do official business, I posted on here that it seems to me it would be easy to hack into her account and find out what she has been up to. I hope they got some good stuff.

  • We’re down here digging out from underneath Ike and the last thing any of us wants to see is Bush or Cheney…

    Although it was good to see Mayor Bill White chew Chertoff a new one over FEMA’s bureaucratic blunders.

  • I’m sure others have pointed this out, but::

    Doesn’t the State of Alaska have a policy or law about using non-government accounts for doing state business? (Or even using state computers for personal business?)

    At my company, we’ve fired people for sending documents through their g-mail account — because it’s a breach of security.

    Second — does she know that she’s the winner of a Nigerian Lottery?

  • Leo49823

    Yep, just as predicted, FoxNews is now hyping the story as an outrageous attack on Patriot/Hero Palin: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/09/17/palins-e-mail-account-hacked-published-on-web-site/

  • scottinsf

    It could be some anonymous person anonymously claiming to be Anonymous.

  • MsInformed

    Haven’t you heard of “anonymous” that is warring with Scientology? If that the swarm is directed at lying Repubs more power to them. They are legion.

  • scottinsf

    You know, I’m starting to believe that.

  • MsInformed

    P, S, I LOVE them!!! And they do mean harm…to the harmful.

  • MsInformed

    If the FBI couldn’t catch the anthrax terrorist, they won’t catch “anonymous”. That’s the swarm that’s been warring with Scientology. They are legion.

  • Apphouse50

    You mean Dubai, don’t you?

  • CDS2

    How does all this invasion of Palins private EMails relate to the outrage from this blog about wire tapping?

  • SarainKC

    Let’s see- would her password be the name of her new grandchild, Trig? Bingo- we’re in!

  • Fireblazes

    So does this steal the news cycle for the next 2 days taking eyes off of McCain-Palin economic travesty. Does it steal back the news just as Obama seemed to be making inroads? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “As the news cycle turns” and “One lie to give”!

  • Ruttle

    As much as I dislike Palin and the GOP in general, I’m not sure how this helps Dems come election night. It seems to me this will be used against Democrats and I can’t help feel this is a somewhat sordid invasion of her privacy. Was there anything particularly damning in these emails, that is, things we didn’t already know? What would we be saying if Obama’s emails were hacked?

    I am certainly willing to entertain the idea that I have missed something here – and I am hoping someone will explain what good will come of this….Its been a long day here and I’m very tired and perhaps I am just missing the point.

    Any thoughts?

  • Ken Clark

    Those people have no ethics. To them the ends justify any means.

  • Indigo

    Did anybody look in Paraguay?

  • Matthews is good at one thing. Yelling over his guests.

    Correction, Matthews is incredibly good at playing both sides and then saying he was prescient and knew all along which way some political event was going to wash. He is an opportunist of the worst kind.

  • Hey, anyone but me getting that “Regent University – Christian leadership to change the world” ad at the top of the page. bwah hahahahaaa! Monica Goodling is a fine representative of what kind of changes Regent University grads have in mind for our world. If Regent can’t do a better job of teaching ethics and honesty then I don’t know what they have in common with the Jesus Christ who I consider my personal savior. He wasn’t much for trying to run governments by lying, cheating and breaking laws. If they think they are a “Christian” university then fine, but how about staying the hell out of our government Regent University. Hasn’t Regent done enough damage?

  • Leo49823

    I 100% guarantee that this is a set-up by the Repiggy operatives. This is what they do best. Remember, they are trying to portray Palin as a strong eagle/patriot/heroic woman under fire from demonic liberal heathens. There won’t be anything inflammatory in the emails and conveniently no one will be caught. The GOP will use it as another ‘unfair’ attack on this saintly and god-fearing woman. Mark my words, Repig scum (like gay Drudge) set this whole thing up.

  • lostmypassword

    Can’t anyone help those hackers ? GOP is sending the fBI on them and it’s all Sarah Plain’s (yeah, plain) fault. Those are government records, she is the one who used the wrong venue for them. And they should be kept for clues about troopergate!

  • bbock

    This reminds me of George Bush’s military records that were forged. In that case, I think what happened is the Bush campaign retyped the records, altering info and destroyed the original documents, leaving the obvious forgeries. These could be forgeries to be used as bait. You get the bloggers and maybe some media outlets to bite, then somebody proves that they are forgeries, totally gutting the credibility. We’ve seen this switch and bait strategy before. On the other hand, she may be really bad at picking her password and they could be real. Step lightly.

  • sukabi1

    Palin credits electoral success to witchhunter

    In perhaps one of the strangest twists to date in the story of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a video now shows the governor crediting her electoral success to a preacher who claims to successfully hunt witches.

    The speech, shown below, was filmed in June. Palin describes the visit of Pastor Thomas Muthee to the Wasilla Assembly of God in 2005.

    “As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me, and you know how he speaks and he’s so bold. And he was praying ‘Lord make a way, Lord make a way,'” Palin remarked.

    “And I’m thinking, this guy’s really bold, he doesn’t even know what I’m going to do, he doesn’t know what my plans are,” she continued. “And he’s praying not ‘oh Lord if it be your will may she become governor,’ no, he just prayed for it. He said, ‘Lord make a way and let her do this next step. And that’s exactly what happened.'”

    The video.

  • devlzadvocate

    Smart. Her security is Yahoo? Of course, she is a yahoo.

    Yup, she is real national securty smart. She doesn’t even know that email isn’t secure on Yahoo. What a dumbass. Any kid knows that.

  • michaelt

    the more you learn about palin….

    the more you need to know about mccain’s medical records.

  • Sage24

    Wow Christ Mathews is on fire. I almost felt sorry for Rep. Kantor. (sp?) Good for Chris. It is time these republicans were held accountable for the damn mess we are in. They are acting like a third party now, distancing themselves from the mess Bush and they themselves, have put us in. They even say we have to stop pointing fingers. What BS. If these were the Democrats, they would be feigning outrage, and Limbaugh would have burst a blood vessel, yelling about it.
    If you missed Mathews, tune in at 7pm it is worth it.

  • Monkei

    great, we can catch people who will hack someone’s yahoo account but can’t catch those who hack voting machines.

  • devlzadvocate

    OT. Interesting Matthews question:

    – Missing during Katrina
    – Missing during the RNC
    – Missing during this economic crisis


    He should be reassuring the American people everyday. But can he? Matthews: “Truman said, “The buck stops here” and he was right.

    Maybe he didn’t really keep America safe.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    I hope they grabbed all her mail; the feds will be interested when it comes time to subpoena them.

    hacking a freemail account can be surprisingly easy. just request a password reset; you’re usually asked to provide an email address, a birthdate and the answer to one or more personal questions. the answers to those questions are often easy to figure out, particularly with such a public figure. I imagine Palin’s elementary school, oldest niece or favorite sports team have all been covered in articles about her.

  • arca

    I should be more specific. Something like this happens every election, and it always helps the GOP candidate. If Fox goes abuzz about this tonight, you can be pretty sure it was a setup.

  • arca

    I dont know. something smells like Rove with this thing.

  • scottinsf

    Wired has tracked down and talked to one of the e-mail recipients, a Palin appointee, and she is confirming that yes she did send the e-mail from the screenshot. It’s definitely real.

  • Wikileaks is a site that publishes sensitive information and documents while preserving the anonymity of the posters. Chinese disidents, whistleblowers, etc. post info there and don’t have to worry (too much) about being traced, other than throuogh the source material itself.

    It’s just information though, not to be taken at face value without further corroboration. Which, in this case, we’re seeing. (The link that DrBenway posted is good… http://pastebin.com/f652c44fb)

  • Sorry, I guess I should have increased my snark volume to maximum.

  • genevajoe

    It would have been better if they hacked Bristol’s or Track’s emails. Those would be great!

  • scottinsf

    I think the most undeniable proof is the fact that the e-mail account that was known to be real per news reports (gov dot sarah @yahoo dot com) and the alleged hacked e-mail account (gov dot palin @yahoo dot com) were both deleted at exactly the same time this morning. No denying that.

  • woodroad34

    The inquiry into Miz Palin’s corruption is being stalled now by the Republican AG (appointed by Miz Lipstick), who wants the subpoenas for government witnesses rescinded because “the employees are caught between their respect for the Legislature and their loyalty to the governor”. Now is that something or is that something? State employees are more loyal to The Barracuda than they are to the law. That’s not reform in my book. Just more perfume and lipstick to hide the ugliness and stink. http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/election2008/2008-09-16-troopergate_N.htm?csp=15

  • DrBenway

    I think the hacking of the account is real.
    Read the following analysis: http://pastebin.com/f652c44fb
    All the details are present.

  • Cpeterka

    ALASKA what your password is.
    JUNEAU what it is ?


  • meemers

    Gawker now has the story..I bet they try to blame it on the left….Now this will be the big story this evening on FOX!


  • gregwire

    Notice the consistent use of “personal” as people’s last name in their email contact info. If legit, Palin and company were clearly using this as a means to tell when they were responding on secret channels, or what they believed to be non-subpoenable email addresses.

  • lilybart

    That won’t happen until after the election, and then, win or lose, she won’t marry him anyway, thank god.

  • lilybart

    It is too meandering to be a joke. These are real.

  • scottinsf

    Yup looks legit. If anybody wants to see the screenshots wikileaks has them. There is a diary at Kos that spells it all out.

  • I’ve updated the post with a sample of the emails they claim are hers. Hey, so what is wikileaks and why should we trust them?

  • meemers

    It’s not a hoax: Check out wikileak:

  • nowhere

    IF it is legit it may just be a shot over the bow letting Palin/McBush know that someone has more damning info on the candidate.

  • bill__free

    you always go to the root when a link doesn’t work, http://www.pimco.com

  • bill__free

    you always go to the root when a link doesn’t work, http://www.pimco.com

  • hippysuperstar

    I work in web security, and I would say that it would be much easier to fake this than to actually hack into a yahoo account. If Palin had an idiotically dumb password, which isn’t out of the question, then maybe. But given the nature of this account it’s doubtful. A big outfit like Yahoo has some pretty impressive security features, so, not that its out of the question, but again it would be much easier to fake it than to actually do it.

  • scottinsf

    GRRRR. I only hit post once.

  • bill__free

    you always go to the root when a link doesn’t work, http://www.pimco.com

  • scottinsf

    In the hacker chat screenshot they DID talk about her discussing official state business over the e-mail account with a few state employees. That’s possibly not legal. It’s certainly not very bright UNLESS you were TRYING to circumvent using an official (and secure) e-mail for state business.

  • scottinsf

    In the hacker chat screenshot they DID talk about her discussing official state business over the e-mail account with a few state employees. That’s possibly not legal. It’s certainly not very bright UNLESS you were TRYING to circumvent using an official (and secure) e-mail for state business.

  • meemers

    Hey did her prego daughter Bristol get married to Levi?

  • lucky hussein

    I don’t like discus, don’t know why my links are not working, pasting again


    go to pimco.com > see featured market commentary at the top, see the sept and jan comments

  • benb

    Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel prize winning economist at Columbia gives his 6 points to fix Wall St:


    “we should not be in situations where a firm is “too big to fail.” If it is that big, it should be broken up.”

  • There’s nothing to beware of. I already said it may be a hoax, it may not be. There’s no set up involved.

  • meemers

    Damn, They must of pulled the pages! I wasn’t finished reading!

  • I guess it was – Photobucket says the page is gone, gone, gone

  • Good thing she doesn’t conduct any sensitive government business with her Yahoo account. And it was clearly a good idea to use Yahoo so that the Freedom of Information Requests couldn’t expose her correspondence to the public. She’s a frackin’ genius.

    Oh, it’s probably real. People’s Yahoo accounts get hacked all the time, if anyone’s motivated enough to do it.

  • I happened to be at the 4chan boards the night this happened, watched it unfold live. As far as I can tell, it’s real.

  • PhoenixB

    OT – The DOW is down 353 points so far. Yikes!

  • HereinDC

    Remember that meltdown Jim Kramer had on CNBC a year ago?

    Well, this is what he was yelling about.

    I saw the clip on THE TODAY SHOW this morning and Jim Kramer was on.

    Kind of makes you wonder why John McCain has said 18 times in the last year that the fundementals are ok.

    that would make a great commerical……Jim Kramer saying this a year ago and then McCain saying okee dokie 18 times within the last year.

  • heidi8

    I don’t know if it’s real but I did google some of the email addresses listed and found a geocities page with Track’s email address – yes, I screencapped it – as well as random yahoogroups emails from Todd ( http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/centurionconversions/message/2309 ). Weirdly random.

  • butchcjg

    Probably not real….and, if real, I wonder why they didn’t try to get more stuff than jus ta few emails which don’t say much really.

  • aquarius2

    The second link isn’t working. Got another address?

  • aquarius2

    Tried your first link and I get an error message. with Wall Street going nuts again today I would much rather be reading that than Palin’s email.

  • arca

    Beware, this feels like a setup.

  • Were this to be real, then I think the celebrity photos were added by the hackers to be funny.

  • arca

    This feels like a rove tactic. There’s always something like this before an election. I think its designed to make Palin look good and look like a victim. I read some of those emails and they’re all suspiciously positive for Palin. Hack anyones email and you’ll find stuff that makes them look bad, anyone. So I’m calling shenanigins!

  • Styve

    So…what’s the verdict? I looked at the first, but I have no idea how to judge whether hoax or not. Interesting that someone is comparing the looks of her crazy husband to those of Brad Pitt?! I hope that someone did hack her account and will continue to hack into the accounts of the addressees she has corresponded with.

  • lucky hussein

    sorry for off topic, but I want to re-post from earlier this am, market is down 300+ points now..

    read this month’s comment by bill gross, and get the crap scrared out of you…

    If fact, check out his comment from last jan…

    1. why is the gov’t completely ‘asleep at the wheel’ ?
    2. why hasn’t the press been warning us all this time, for decades really while this pyramid schem was building?

    That’s right, this whole subprime problem is apparently caused by a pyramid scheme.
    This is very damning:
    43 trillion is the amount of debt from a type of derivitive that is killing us, which Gramm unleashed: credit default swaps (CDS) which are: ‘more than half the size of the entire asset base of the global banking system.’

    Now the derivitives markets have CDSs but also have other pieces of crap called SIVs and CDOs, and I don’t know what else. The total derivitives market is 500 trillion. Repeat. 500 trilion. That is several times ‘the entire asset base of the global banking system.’

  • sittenpretty

    Exposed: McCain team includes 83 Wall Street lobbyistsJohn Byrne
    Published: Wednesday September 17, 2008
    As Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) rails against Wall Street while concurrently benefiting from its largesse, some journalists are getting tired.

    David Corn — an investigative reporter formerly with The Nation and currently reporting for Mother Jones — has printed a list of 83 Wall Street lobbyists he says are working for or have bundled contributions for McCain. The Democratic National Committee has previously accused McCain of using 177 lobbyists either as campaign aides, advisers or fundraisers.

  • reelactor

    When I saw her Yahoo address posted, I must admit I was tempted to try and hack it, but didn’t want to have it come back and bite me later. I knew someone would. If there is this much out there, there must be a whole lot more coming.

  • HereinDC

    but but but….John McCain wants less regulations….

    no need to worry about hacking….

    we don’t need any more regulations….

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