Dad is chaperoning now

This is just pathetic. Palin didn’t go on Katie Couric again, as we were led to believe. She went on Katie Couric with John McCain as her chaperone so he could jump in and protect her if any reporters got fresh with any hard questions. Absolutely pathetic. McCain won’t be around to coach Palin if he’s not around and she becomes president.

(Via TPM)

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  • attobuoy

    Don’t you think she looks tired?

  • Not a criticism…Just happened into my mind at your mention of Edger Bergen’s puppets…A line from the radio comedy Fibber Magee & Molly.

  • charles33

    This is almost unbelievable, in so many ways…

  • charles33

    Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Freud, 1901.

    Absolutely bang on.

  • jebauer


  • jebauer

    Community organizer, voter… same difference… what a bunch of assholes…

  • lost_nacf_gop

    Yeah, well neither is the fact that she couldn’t come up with “Brown v. Board of Education” or “Marbury v. Madison,” or “Miranda v. Arizona” or “Griswold v. Connecticut” or “Dred Scott” or “Sheppard v. Maxwell” or “Bibb v. Navajo Freight Lines” or even freaking “International Shoe v. Washington” or O-N-E Freaking Supreme Court case of merit besides Roe v. Wade. She’s unqualified, a twit, a tool, a pawn, and an embarrassment.

  • Mocking a voter’s question like that is incredibly rude. She hasn’t answered enough questions as it is.

    Interesting — Katie with black glasses, Palin with rimless. Hmmm….

  • greyroadster

    hope CBS has these under armed guards and secure digital copies around the globe. i’m rarely a conspiracy theorist, but i fear “plumbers” going after these videos to stop their airing.

  • That Hanson dude she cheated with taught her how to slouch…

  • ‘Taint funny McGee…

  • Pay!?!?!?
    Free off-the-wall-ism is extra liquid free with borrowed fundage purchasing bundled sub-primes to cover the hyper inflated valuations of our contributions…

  • henrythefifth

    I like how he has to answer for her now. OMG.

    This is getting pathetic. No wait, it was pathetic long ago. Now it’s just scary.

    Aren’t they saying here that whatever they say to the voters should be disregarded? And wasn’t that a partisan event she was at? So they are saying that their own supporters are now issuing “gotcha” questions? It’s all so sad.

  • davidkc

    This is next weekend’s SNL skit! No scriptwriting needed.


    I thought Palin was being snide when she talked about a voter/constituent. Her claws started to come out for a brief second. Doesn’t anyone on that staff she the ridiculousness of all this? Not that I mind since I can’t stand either of them and the thought of them being in charge makes me want to run to a border.

  • tlsintx

    McCain is so about to lose it. up his meds! up his meds!

  • evan_la

    …and what’s with her horrible posture? Didn’t being a beauty queen teach her anything? Sit up straight, girl!

  • tlsintx

    i don’t know which makes me sicker…McCain patronizing Palin or Palin liking it.

  • tlsintx


  • tlsintx

    not to mention everybody’s favorite tune…bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran…

  • He’s always diddling his wedding ring when she’s around.

  • ShirleyGoodnessanMercy

    Dear God, the Republicans have gotten so pathetic they just make me cry from pity. Such stupid, STUPID people. Just ghastly.

  • tas

    She looked like a dog that had had its nose rubbed in something nasty.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Will John McCain stop practicing “Got’cha Campaigning” now, then?

  • ydthin

    yeah, good for Couric for pointing out it was a voter. Pretty aggressive for her. Palin’s schtick is obvious now, it’s one talking point after another without saying anything. She knows how to ‘play’ politics at the local level and that is where the Sarah barracuda crap comes in… it may be, and I think it probably is, that she is one of those incredibly devious people who climbs right over others to get ahead. And get ahead she has, to the point of being the laughing stock of the whole nation. If she wins she’ll be the laughing stock of the whole world. Leave it to the rethugs to pick a woman whose only true competency is reinforcing gender stereotypes. Sigh…

  • lost_nacf_gop

    Okay, I’m confused. I only see two Knucklehead Smiths’, where’s Jerry Mahoney? And Jeez, Paul WInchell’s dead, for cryin’ out loud. What the hell’s going on?

    In some states, couldn’t McGeezer be prosecuted for practicing law without a license? FAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK

  • ydthin

    I think this is ‘big fish in small pond’ syndrome. Competency in Alaska is apparently a bit more generously rated than competency elsewhere. I would just like to have a president that is not an embarassment. These two disgust me and you can really see the rage swimming under McCain’s surface.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    ah, thanks. what I heard as “is that a pizza place” was actually “it was at a pizza place?” I don’t think Palin heard him right either; she looks like I look when I’ve stopped understanding what someone’s saying but want to be polite.

  • Bush_Bites

    I’m pretty sure they have more tapes of her previous interview, tho, and are going to play them on Wednesday and Thursday, I believe.

    There are allegedly some serious howlers in it.

  • devis1

    great smackdown!!

  • Busboy

    Probly more than you’d pay me to leave…. ;-)

  • AngryOne

    John McCain, September 29, 2008:

    “Gov. Palin and I agree that you don’t announce that you’re going to attack another country.”

    John McCain, January 2, 2002:

    “Next up, Baghdad!”

    For the details, see:
    McCain Said It “Out Loud” in 2002: “Next Up, Baghdad!”

  • sukabi1

    slouching, hunched shoulders, closed arms and bowed head… yeah, I’ll bet McCain’s had quite the “discussion” with Ms. Palin….

  • Jim_W

    Let me get this straight. Her (new) position is to ask the new president of Pakistan (a country that was recently attacked by terrorists) to make sure the terrorists don’t cross the border to leave Pakistan??

    Earlier today, the Palin handlers said that “Sarah Barracuda” really showed up for todays CBS interview. I guess they were impressed by this.

  • WHYN0T

    “McCain won’t be around to coach Palin if he’s not around and she becomes president.”

    No, but Rove and the gang will; you know the one’s who have been pulling Bush’s strings the past 8 years.

  • DeppFan

    This explains it: McCain “… chalked up Palin’s comments – which took place in conversation with a grad student at a Philadelphia restaurant — as a ‘gotcha sound bite.’ “Is that a pizza place?” McCain asked with incredulity (Tony Luke’s actually is a roast beef and roast pork joint, but they do serve pizza steaks)”

  • Cjeffery

    I bet she does not do the debate alone either. She will have a radio gurantted the intail spin will be she learned allot did very well better than anyone expected 4 days later we find out she had a radio but it don’t matter because for 4 days they have had control of the media. This will be true mark my words and we need to jump all over it now.

  • sukabi1

    wow, now you’re just throwing out off the wall comments… how much they paying you to be here?

  • Kcunac

    Check out the body language on those two!!! SNL just got its set up for Saturday night! (Am I the only one thinks Cindy just welcomed Sarah into the Sad Sisterhood of Women called the C-Word?)

  • A special video message from Levi Johnston:

  • sukabi1

    really??? NO ONE likes Lieberman.

  • sukabi1

    hope your fortune cookie business pays off.

  • shrrrr

    hmm. My bet is you’re projecting here.

  • unrepentant_expat

    Eight years of Republican rule does anguish ones soul.

  • Busboy


  • Everyone knows serious foreign policy questions should be discussed at a Bob Evans or a Perkins…

  • Busboy

    When you have 4 or 5 kids? Pizza place is a sacred invocation…

  • You know, the phrase “whiney ass titty babies” wasn’t strong enough…

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    His nervous energy manifested, unconsciously, in a wavering commitment to his own marriage.

  • Fireblazes

    At least he has an oar.

  • Busboy

    Letterman’s just an outward and visible sign of a deeper and more spiritual problem…..

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    Good point. Still, 5 more weeks of this…

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Can someone explain the joke to me? Does “Gotcha Journalism” really sound like the name of a pizza place? Did McCain screw up the joke, and was actually supposed to deliver that line in response to a different keyword? Does “Gotcha” really sound like an Italian name to McCain? Or was he reacting to the mention of President “Zidari”?

    I love how Palin repeats the words silently, “pizza place,” obviously not understanding the joke either.

  • Ma’at

    LOL Good point.

  • Fireblazes

    It is ever so obvious that Big John disrespects women. He was a rude old bastard to Katie.

  • Iowa_Democrat

    What’s Walnuts doing up there with Tina Fey? Geeze, I thought Tina was brighter than that. She should at least have a clue about Hamas.

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    Does everything he does. Backwards. In high heels.

    Nah–not an apt comparison. More like Tucker Carlson and partner on Dancing With The Stars.

  • petefitSD

    sorry, I’m going to revert to being a 12 yo for a sec:


    there is no freaking way these 2 can be elected leaders of anything, except maybe the chancellor and vice chancellor of fantasy land

    I’ll take Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond over these 2 any day…(it’s a toss up between Katie and Amy Pohler though…)

  • Busboy

    Not everyone buys “name brand” hosiery…….

  • An_American_Karol

    No, Karen….keep her. If McCain dumps her, he will get Lieberman and a bounce in the polls.

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    The debate will be a major test of just one thing for Biden: his restraint (that’s why he could lose it). Otherwise, it’s a test of her ability to know ANYTHING and articulate it clearly (and that’s why she will lose it).

  • So that’s why McCain blew off Letterman…

  • To assist Governor Palin’s supporters the networks will offer a VP debate feed captioned for the thinking impaired…

  • shrrrr

    you’re right. The dumbing down process is how Republicans have destroyed America. Look at busboy.

  • Busboy

    Of course, Biden’s only got one oar in the water most of the time himself….

  • KarenMrsLloydRichards

    Palin did not know what Gaza or Hamas are. Pull the plug on her now. Pull the plug! Pull the plug! Pull the plug!

  • lucky hussein

    back to the markets…. hang seng opens in 30mins… look out below!…nikkei down 5%

  • Gotcha citizenilism really puts a damper on free salmon…

  • Busboy

    Sometimes the “fool” is smarter than the King. The trick is to teach and lead the King without insulting him…..

  • An_American_Karol

    Poor McCain. Instead of picking a pit bull to attack his opponent, he picked a tea cup poodle.

  • Busboy


  • She could hide a pretty powerful transmitter/receiver in her updo…

  • DeppFan

    Republicans are hoping Americans will apply “the soft bigotry of low expectations” when judging Palin’s debating skills on Thursday.
    They’re serving up their own brand of affirmative action.

  • You know, a time machine would explain Team McCain’s causality problem…

  • unrepentant_expat

    You must admit she looks cute on her training wheels.

  • shrrrr

    You gotta hand it to CBS for the ability to keep McToast’s involvement quiet until now. I wonder what the third instalment will bring??? Must be real good.

  • sukabi1

    We know McCain and Palin would fail… and I’m pretty sure Busboy shouldn’t attempt to take it, he’d look even more foolish than he currently does.

  • unrepentant_expat

    thinking was not part of that process.

  • tarmel

    This WASN’T gotcha journalism. She was talking to a VOTER. Do they realize how RIDICULOUS they look?!

  • unrepentant_expat

    Isn’t that where the government divvies out the proceeds from from the oil revenue, or was that Alaska?

  • Busboy

    Oh, yeah, forgot about Rick. Please disregard previous comment……..

  • dad

    is that what you think?

  • DeppFan

    Maybe Ms. Palin can find her biggest supporters by time-traveling to when dinosaurs and humans co-existed.
    You know, like Fred, Barney and Dino.

  • Busboy

    Forget the debates. I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be a presidential IQ test. I think both Obama and McCain would fail…..

  • sukabi1

    Katie should have complimented her on her Tina Fey outfit.

  • Ma’at

    Wow. Horrible. Someone PLEASE make sure she doesn’t have an earpiece during the debates so she can get answers. This is SAD. Could you imagine Obama having to chaperone Biden? Hell, I can’t even imagine Bush having to Chaperone Quayle. This is BAD.

  • Kelly2

    So now from the Town Hall loving McCain answering a voter’s question is Gotcha journalism? Just when I think the McCain campaign can not get any more pathetic they prove me wrong again.

  • MarxMarvelous

    Please let Obama vote “present” Wed. :-) It’d would be fitting.

  • DeppFan

    Yeah, Rick Lazio might disagree with that.

  • sukabi1

    Ok, the debate and her comment was on Friday… it took her 2 days to memorize her lines, with Grampa Daddy sitting next to her with his taser ready in case she screwed up…

    Good job!

    And of course it’s the media’s fault… Good gravy, is he that stupid to keep pushing that crap?

  • HelenaMontana

    He gonna sit next to her at the debate on Thursday, too?

  • Busboy

    Mexico? Canada? Go where they think like you think. Try Venezuela, the socialist paradise…

  • DonQ

    Do you think McCain will stand next to Palin in the debate? And look down her blouse and fiddle with his fingers?

  • mmcla23

    Visit to the principal’s office with dad.

  • michaelt

    i see this and the first thing that comes to mind is……Mexico or Canada? Hmmm.

  • To show my own age…

    So Sherri Lewis says, “I’ll let Lambchop speak for herself…”

  • Busboy

    Women are usually no match for men in a debate. It’s that genetic subserviancy thingy…

  • dad

    no. but lieberman was standing behind palin at one of her recent events

  • threeaces

    Can these freaking get any worse.

  • hit_escape

    Hey! She brought her Life-line with her! Better get a different Life-line Sarah, this one’s a little long in the tooth.

  • grandma

    I noticed that too….he does the same thing when he’s standing next to her at their campaign rallies…..fiddles with his fingers.

  • Busboy

    I’m sure Biden will pluck her feathers one by one on thursday…..

  • Cpeterka

    So, So, Sad.
    Dad having to sit in on the interview.
    Geee’s !!!

  • DonQ

    How unbelievably patronizing and demeaning to women!
    Besides all that, what’s McCain fiddling with – his wedding ring?

  • grandma

    That was really pathetic… can Palin sit there and be treated like that by him….answering the question for her…….

    They are both pathetic…..and McCain is just plain ‘creepy’.

  • dad

    i panicked there for a minute.

  • HereinDC

    Geeze,Was Joe Lieberman sitting right behind McCain when he got the answer wrong?

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