Charlie Gibson [hearts] Sarah Palin

Charlie and Sarah, sitting in a tree…

You may have read that ABC’s Charlie Gibson got the first real interview with Sarah Palin following her being chosen as McCain’s VP.

Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. An AMERICAblog reader got the first real interview with Sarah Palin, and Palin apparently got flustered and refused to answer the question.

Anyway, as Greg Sargent at TPM Election Central notes, Gibson thinks the only relevant questions to ask Palin are about her positions on issues. No questions about her husband’s membership in the fringe Alaskan Independence Party. No questions about her own membership in that party (the McCain campaign has denied that she was ever a member, but several others have said she was, and in any case, she courted the party repeatedly even though they’re rabidly anti-American). No questions about what actual vetting Palin underwent. And Gibson says he’s REALLY not going to get into the issue of Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy – you remember that issue, it’s the pregnancy the McCain campaign leaked to Reuters and then turned around and blamed everyone else for writing about. Yes, Palin subsequently said she was proud of her daughter’s choice in keeping the baby. So she gave her daughter a choice, but opposes giving YOUR daughters a choice. No, Charlie Gibson won’t ask about that, because that would be a fact, and facts are mean.

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