TIME’s Joe Klein on McCain’s adultery

Unfortunately, I think Klein got confused. The adultery in question is not McCain and Vickey Iseman – or at least it’s not entirely the speculation over that possible relationship. The adultery in question is the actual adultery that John McCain has basically admitted he committed with Cindy while still married to his first wife. That is not adultery that was denied by McCain or Cindy, to the best of my knowledge.

From TIME’s blog Swampland:

Commenter Ralph wants to know:

Why is Edwards’s adultery a problem for Obama, while McCain’s adultery is not a problem for McCain?

The answer is: Edwards’ adultery is not a problem for Obama any more than Larry Craig’s importunings should be a problem for McCain. As for McCain’s alleged adultery–it’s been denied by both parties and I really don’t care about the Senator’s sex life. I do care about the fact that he is running a campaign filled with lies about his opponent’s positions, a campaign that is conducted in a snarky, subversive tone that is entirely inappropriate to American politics. I wish my colleagues would spend more time talking about what a disservice McCain is doing the country and less time “analyzing” why McCain has to tear down Obama in order to win. (If tearing down Obama is the only way he can win–and this should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t–McCain doesn’t deserve to win.)

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