Susan Collins likes message of negative ads linking unions to mafia

Anti-union ads, featuring a character from the Sopranos acting like a mafia tough guy, are running in Maine against Tom Allen. Not kidding:

In a new ad, a mob boss from the Sopranos makes a guest appearance with cardboard cutouts of Sen. Susan Collins (R-Bangor) and U.S. Rep. Tom Allen (D-Portland), who is challenging Collins.

The ad is part of a campaign opposing candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation intended to make it easier for workers to organize by eliminating the requirement of the private ballot.

Pretty low to compare unions, which represent working men and women, to the mafia, but that’s clearly the point of the ad.

So, which United States Senator from Maine agrees with the message of that ad? Susan Collins. Collins Watch has the details. Just pretty fricking low. Susan Collins is no moderate — and no friend of working men and women.

Support Tom Allen here.

UPDATE: Just found out the AFL-CIO is fighting back for Tom Allen and against the union bashing. Good. Workers deserve way better than the crap Susan Collins and her right-wing cronies are throwing out.

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