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Checked out Joe’s post on the Next Cheney. One of McCain’s potential picks is Charlie Crist.

Any more news on Charlie Crist being McCain’s VP? I saw that McCain did an event with Crist this weekend – the one where McCain seemed to have something wrong with him (see video below).

There have been rumors for years about Crist’s sexual orientation, and while, yes, Crist does now suddenly have a “fiancée,” the religious right isn’t that dumb. They know that lots of closeted gay men marry women as cover (in other words, having a fiancée doesn’t necessarily say anything about your true sexual orientation). They also know that men in high office who are hiding sexual peccadilloes often get caught in very public scandals (Larry Craig, Elliot Spitzer, David Vitter). Having a Republican vice president caught in some kind of extra-marital gay sex scandal would be, well, like Christmas. It would be a major advancement – unparalleled, I’d say – to the gay civil rights movement, including a boost for marriage and pretty much everything we could ever want. I just find it very hard to believe that, after years of persistent rumors about Crist, the religious right would be willing to risk everything on the chance that the rumors are true.


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