Evangelical leader James Dobson on McCain’s adultery

Seems Dobson had some choice words only a few years ago about John McCain’s adultery. I guess the latest version of the Bible must have repealed the admonitions against adultery, or else Dobson wouldn’t be now wooing McCain.

“The Senator,” Dobson said, “is being touted by the media as a man of principle, yet he was involved with other women while married to his first wife, and was implicated in the so-called Keating scandal with four other senators. He was eventually reprimanded by the Congress for the ‘appearance of impropriety.’ The Senator reportedly has a violent temper and can be extremely confrontational and profane when angry. These red flags about Senator McCain’s character are reminiscent of the man who now occupies the White House.”

And this is what Dobson had to say just last year, that was before Dobson apparently started going soft on adultery:

“Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances,” Focus on the Family founder James Dobson told the Christian radio show Jerry Johnson Live in January.

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