Cindy McCain knows John McCain would never have an affair. Really. (Not counting the affair Cindy had when John was married)

Wolf Blitzer, in vintage buffoon mode, just asked what impact, if any, will John Edwards’ affair will have on Barack Obama. Huh? Let’s review, Wolf: It’s the GOP nominee, John McCain, who has the history of having extra-marital affairs.

Remember last February, after the NY Times reported on rumors of an affair between John McCain and lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, how Cindy McCain ardently defended her husband?:

“More importantly, my children and I not only trust my husband, but know that he would never do anything to not only disappoint our family, but disappoint the people of America. He’s a man of great character.”

That quote just stuck in my head because it was so patently absurd. As the Los Angeles Times reported, Cindy McCain met and began dating John McCain when he was married. So, Cindy met John when he was cheating on his wife, but she knows he’d never cheat on his wife. Right.

Has anyone seen Vicki Iseman lately? Seriously.

UPDATE: At a town hall in Virginia today, Mike Stark asked McCain point blank if he’s always been faithful to Cindy. Brilliant move by Stark…but, McCain never answered the question.

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